Application of air disinfection machine in pet room

by:Funglan     2021-03-17
With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people keep pets. Among them, cats and dogs account for the largest number. Some friends in the editor like to keep cats very much. Most of the time they go home with cats as their company, they basically have close contact. Or live in the same room. We all know that the irritating and unpleasant odors emitted by pets, such as feces, urine, etc., will affect people’s living environment. If hygiene is not paid attention to, it is easy to bring diseases and other hazards and harm the body, especially In summer, these scents play very fast in the space, and summer is also the most infectious season. There are all kinds of animals in the pet room, and the number is large, and pets are very easy to get sick. Not only can pets get sick, they can also get infected with people who have been in contact with them, and even cause cross infection. In addition to regular pre-vaccination, regular It is also essential to disinfect the air. Nowadays, the use of air disinfection machines in pet rooms and veterinary hospitals has gradually become a trend. Let’s imagine that if the smell produced by pets’ excrement is not removed in time, these smells will be distributed in the surrounding air, and many bacteria and viruses will be derived. In the presence of a large number of bacteria and viruses, parasites may reproduce. I believe that everyone who likes pets knows that once a pet is infected with parasites, it is a very troublesome thing. If the situation is serious, it will lead to the death of the pet and even the human body! One of the most important reasons is the poor indoor air quality. How can we improve the indoor air quality for pets? In addition to using spices to cover unpleasant odors or alcohol addiction chemicals, the most common method at present is to use an air disinfector. The former only temporarily removes the peculiar smell and treats the symptoms but not the root cause. Chemicals can cause some harm to pets and people. The latter is not only harmless to people, but also sterilizes more than 90% of harmful microorganisms in air disinfection. It is a convenient and powerful air disinfection and purification product in life. It is also a good choice to use an air sterilizer in a pet room. While ensuring the indoor air quality of pets, it also has a good preventive effect on people and pets. Second, the indoor air quality is good, and customers feel comfortable when they walk in. Even if the price is more expensive, many customers are willing to send their pets here for maintenance!
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