Application of medical air purifier in the isolation area of u200bu200brespiratory tract

by:Funglan     2021-03-24
The air is an important disease transmission vector, and the degree of microbial pollution in the air has a certain relationship with hospital infections. The resistance of patients in medically isolated areas of the respiratory tract is mostly low, and reducing air pollution is very important for patients in the ward. In the 'Disinfection Technical Specifications (2002 Edition)The hospital can choose the appropriate medical air purifier model according to the size of the room. There are three types: wall-mounted, mobile and ceiling-mounted. Mobile air disinfection machines can be placed in the corridors of the ward, doctor's office, nurse's office, and medicine room, and wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted air disinfection machines can be installed in other areas, because the adsorption power of the mobile disinfection machine is greater than that of the wall-mounted machine Therefore, its disinfection effect is better than that of the wall-mounted machine, and the three kinds of sterilization effects are obvious, and the medical air purifier produced by the Ministry of Health's Alipay has a high capture rate of natural microorganisms, bacteria, particles, dust, etc., and its operation is stable and reliable. , Small size, light weight, can be used for some air pollution caused by different environments, of which the mobile type can be used flexibly, can be adjusted for disinfection and purification, AC and DC power supply, suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions, easy to use, Improve the efficiency of air monitoring. For example, there are some old urban hospitals with poor air surroundings and unreasonable design of the old wards, resulting in unventilated rooms. In addition to the needs of medical and nursing operations, people move frequently, especially the air bacteria in the doctor's office and nurse's office. The sensitivity exceeds the standard seriously. Patients with severe respiratory infectious diseases are best placed in wards with negative pressure. If the environmental conditions are limited and negative pressure devices cannot be installed, medical air purifiers are a good choice.
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