Artificial edible fungus production line is also short of what?

by:Funglan     2020-10-18
No matter what the food factory, and ultimately produced are on the market, people are consumers of these foods. If food safety is not security, human health will be hurt, even fatal harm. The edible fungus production line need? What is edible fungus? Edible fungus is refers to the entities large, edible mushroom fungus ( Large fungi) , known as mushrooms. Known in China has more than 350 kinds of edible fungi, which belong to basidiomycotina, more common are: mushroom, straw mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus, tremella, hedgehog, bamboo-sun, held on mushroom ( 1) , dried mushroom, red mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, truffle, lark and porcini, etc; A few belonging to ascomycotina, including: morchella, saddle, truffle, etc. The fungus growth in different regions, different ecological environments. Involved in edible fungus production of raw materials, water, equipment, air attached to a large number of fungi, bacteria, actinomyces, viruses and other microbes and insects, they are all in with edible fungus for food and edible fungus. These mixed bacteria and plant diseases and insect pests for edible fungus production caused great damage and loss. In edible fungi cultivation, destroy and suppress the activity of harmful microorganism, for pure culture of edible fungi is very be necessary, so the disinfection is an important part of edible fungus production process. Normally, edible fungus production in the process of sterilizing method has the following kinds: 1, formaldehyde and potassium permanganate fumigation method, method of use per cubic meter of space is 8 ~ 10 ml 40% formaldehyde and 5 ~ 7 g potassium permanganate, potassium permanganate first in a ceramic or glass container, add formaldehyde; Add formaldehyde to future generations to leave immediately, airtight room disinfection 20 ~ 30 minutes. 2, ultraviolet disinfection method, its sterilization mechanism is applied to organisms, when ultraviolet rays can cause a photochemical reaction of the nucleic acid and enzyme in cells, and cell death. In addition, the ultraviolet ray also can make the oxygen in air to produce ozone, ozone sterilization effect. But poor effect on fungi, only a supplementary disinfection effect, still need to cooperate with drug use. Due to ultraviolet rays have a harm to human body, so can't use when workers work. 3, use AORODO ozone generator, which can efficiently and quickly kill air and surfaces of various microbes, the vaccination success rate can reach more than 97%; At the same time with stable performance, simple operation, small power consumption, the characteristics of the sterilization no dead Angle. Ozone but also have a harm to human body, so can't work under the condition of the people. 4, V1 semiconductor dynamic air disinfection machine, within the food production workshop on air disinfection, ensure food safety. At the beginning of the disinfection equipment effect at many points into the wind, uniform distribution, the sterilization no dead Angle. There were 3 big sterilizing factor, static high photocatalytic sterilization, sterilization, ultraviolet radiation sterilization, specific working principle is as follows: application & other; Semiconductor catalysis & throughout; And original semiconductor ionization device and & other Specular light & throughout; Technologies to make the particles in the air under the action of bacteria is ionization in semiconductor devices charged, bacteria by electric breakdown ( Lightning) Effect, the bacteria will be trapped in the air ionization in the semiconductor device on dust collecting board, enough of the ions through porous cell walls, penetrate the cell, destroy the cell electrolyte, damage the cell membrane, killing bacteria being shocked; At the same time, the function of the mirror light reaction device, semiconductor catalyst for ev energy ( Electricity) , semiconductor catalyst jumps to the conduction band and valence, electronic - birth trauma Hole, forms the negative oxygen ions ( O2- ) And free radicals ( 哦) Harmful gas, accelerate the oxidation, decomposition, realize semiconductor catalytic effect; Purifying negative ionized air through the semiconductor device, and excessive cation and dust again after the reaction process of the particles collected by the composite filter, to 0. Purification efficiency of 5 microns & ge; 90% ( The class of 100000) ,PM2。 Completely remove 5 microns; Output and fresh air. Use V1 dynamic air disinfection machine disinfection on the workshop, no harm to human body, people can also work in the workshop. Artificial edible fungus production line is also short of what? Answer: dynamic air sterilizer.
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