Ask the gym need to use air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2020-11-03
The idea of course when I was a kid in the French thinker voltaire there is such a motto: life is movement. Earlier we were in the outdoors, with time and the improvement of living standards, as well as the air pollution. Especially in Beijing, nanjing, shijiazhuang, shenyang, shandong and so on city because of the influence of the haze weather, the outdoor air pollution is serious to indoor sports. Some installed central air-conditioning duct ventilation system for indoor and ventilated take a breath, but it really works? We all know that the gym closure is better, plus a gym membership is much also, so lead to declining gym indoor air, especially on gym membership collective movement out of sweat, there are other metabolism is the gym. Time long, sweaty exercise, perfect abs, chest, strong body, but because of the poor air quality gym, as well as make our muscles in chronic diseases. Cold winter sports fitness can be cold, enhanced physique, also more and more people into the gym. According to the Dutch delft university of technology and the university of Lisbon, Portugal, the study found that the gym is not only the air is very poor, and there is a lot of toxic gases. As gym membership on movement, heavy breathing easily will absorb harmful gas in the air to the body. According to related research sampling dozens of different size of the gym in the afternoon and evening of indoor air testing, the results are amazing! Most of the fitness center of formaldehyde in indoor air, carbon dioxide and ash content exceeds bid badly, especially in the night air quality pollution can trigger asthma and other respiratory system diseases. Key used in the gym fitness equipment and household and detergent, release such as formaldehyde pollution. Although life is movement, but the best choose outdoor aerobics fitness equipment fitness center or national standards. Whether what kind of fitness center, for the sake of the general fitness enthusiasts health, install air disinfection machine is a wise choice. Not only can remove the peculiar smell, and can remove formaldehyde. And the function of sterilization purify air. Small make up ask you: to understand the indoor air quality, feel the gym need to use air disinfection machine? Believe that everyone will feel can have is the best, but will not necessarily be pleased about fitness center boss, or hope for everybody's health condition can be equipped with air disinfection machine, didn't create condition equipped with portable air sterilizer.
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