Atmospheric pollution improve indoor air quality

by:Funglan     2020-10-29
Air quality and are closely connected with every one of us. The prevention and control of atmospheric pollution is a major measures to ensure the quality of ambient air. Countries are also very attention to this problem, many of these cities is also influenced by the atmospheric pollution, introduced some remedies: 1, strive to complete the oil and gas recovery management work orderly industrial volatile organic compounds management, strive to complete the whole city 2015 gas stations, oil depots, tanker oil and gas recovery management work, new gas stations, oil depots and oil tanker must be installed after the oil and gas recovery system can be put into use. 2, strengthen the construction site dust pollution regulation strictly construction waste transportation market access conditions, the good transport enterprise qualification of construction waste transportation, implement standardized management of construction waste transportation. 3, strict control of road dust pollution of downtown, and around the city to implement the unified management of construction waste transport enterprises and vehicle qualification, strict law enforcement and supervision of the construction waste transportation vehicle, is investigated in accordance with the construction waste transport all kinds of illegal behavior, clear in time construction waste transportation vehicles behind, then, drop, leakage of construction waste, strengthen road cleaning and flushing. 4, intensify city environmental renovation to thoroughly solve the city within the scope of repose of the material, construction waste, living garbage heap of the place, and optionally, and other issues. Of urban villages, urban-rural fringe, paid for establishing strip bare ground hardening, green, or cover. 5, advance mobile source pollution prevention to strengthen the supervision and administration of motor vehicle fuel supplies sales and automotive gasoline and diesel oil supply according to the standard implementation plan. To crack down on illegal production, sale behavior does not accord with a standard motor oil. 6, a clear responsibility to work included in the annual appraisal specific prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and the main responsibility of the various tasks that the lead department of harnessing of the outstanding enterprises, should be multi-pronged be restricted; To steal steal putting, repeatedly check and make illegal enterprises, should be shut down in accordance with the law; Above for the improvement of indoor air environment, but you don't forget, indoor air is also very serious, comes as outdoor environment pollution, so we should be how to prevent indoor environment? Now in the market can be seen everywhere all kinds of air disinfection machine, air purification equipment, do not think that these things are useless, the effect is very obvious, like household words with more air purification machine, medical air disinfection machine with more commercial, if some families have a higher environmental requirements can also use air sterilizer, air disinfection machine can be used in household, but air cleaning machine used in medical is very small; Environmental specializing in the production of air disinfection machine, medical air disinfection machine, central air conditioner disinfection purifier, welcome to inquire. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of products such as air quality reasons
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