Autumn frequent influenza pneumonia, improve their immunity is the key!

by:Funglan     2020-11-22
The autumn season, because of the humidity is lower in autumn dry, but autumn dry harm to human body is the largest place in the lungs. The expert reminds, summer and fall season alternation, the air is dry, the temperature change is big, is a frequent influenza, pneumonia, should pay attention to improve their immunity, cold cure in time, avoid developed pneumonia. Autumn is respiratory tract disease incidence season, the body resistance decline easily, etc. , all kinds of diseases will be meddling. Cold and pneumonia is a gradual process, first the upper respiratory tract infection, runny nose, sneezing and other cold symptoms, if it is flu, with a sore throat, fever, aching muscles and hacking cough symptom is given priority to, these symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection continues to develop, a few days later can appear purulent sputum, yellow sputum, appear the symptom of secondary bacterial infections, and developed into tonsillitis or bronchitis, if patients with fever, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or chest pain, consider whether have led to pneumonia. Don't the indisposition to colds, once appear the symptoms of a cold, had better to go to the hospital let the doctor check, if the lung infection and other problems, must be timely and proper treatment. The good life habit is the key to prevent respiratory and pulmonary infection disease. 1, the climate of temperature change is big, pay more attention to the weather forecast, timely add clothes; 2, air conditioning temperature shoulds not be too low, should avoid air conditioning fan blowing straight; 3, away from the infected people, don't go to crowded place; 4, wash your hands often and prevent bacteria carrying; 5, stay up late is easy to cause the body immunity drop, should stay up less exercise more. Vigorously promote flu prevention knowledge, improve the disease prevention knowledge and consciousness of staff and students; For mass physical training, enhance the masses constitution and disease-resistant ability; (in public places Such as classrooms, laboratories, computer room, library, canteen, dormitory, office) Want to often open a window ventilated take a breath, popular during the less as far as possible, a string of suspended for large gatherings and entertainment, as far as possible within the densely populated public places, less than the epidemic area; Have a fever cold symptoms should go to a doctor as early as possible, has early screening, diagnosis, for the treatment of flu patients in isolation or until heated back two days a week, in order to prevent the spread of; Injection & other when necessary; Flu & throughout; Vaccines, enhance immunity. In addition, the weak immunity is low, can use a vaccine or drug to enhance immunity, injection 1 - every year 2 times the flu vaccine to be effective in preventing the flu. In addition, children and the elderly physique weaker, immune ability is poor, is the most & other pneumonia Favour & throughout; The object. Some Suggestions for eating & other; White food & throughout; , such as pear, lily, lotus seed, gingko, radish, etc. , they have the effect of ziyin runfei; Lily, ginkgo, lotus seeds, etc can be used to cook porridge, annealing to fall the action of dry. Looked so long you should know the pneumonia is caused by influenza, we how to treat the root, then we can know the way to the spread of influenza, influenza transmission is mainly composed of air, they are transmitted, such mode of transmission is invisible, for low immunity, children, the elderly they undoubtedly is the victim and the measures to protect the family from viruses, bacteria violations. Small make up to bring your family protector wall-mounted air disinfection purifier, can effectively kill the bacteria in the air, viruses, microbial killing rate of 99. More than 9%, 0 has high purifying the air. More than 1 micron tiny particles of dust removal rate of 99. More than 0%, and the air disinfection purifier bring to you and your family have no ideal air quality, away from the flu to pneumonia.
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