Back haze still fierce _ focuses on people and nature

by:Funglan     2020-11-21
Small make up today once again returned to the fog this topic, why? We all know that this year the fog haze occur more frequently than normal, more fierce, the cold air in previous years as a small rascal play rascal. So back facing the haze still fierce, this year the cold air has become a hero. The outdoor cold air evacuation haze, indoor how can we resist and eliminate fog residue? Small make up recommend air disinfection purification machine, so we first to get to know the live recently, revealed how the cold air heroes, and then to know air disinfection purification machine. With small make up first understand the fog back to compromise what city? Haze fierce level? According to the relevant reports and hear all that: starting from 12 haze in liaoning, up to now has been raising the fog warning yellow to orange alert. According to relevant data show: AQI reached $321 ( Microgram per cubic meter) Such as shenyang; AQI reached $367 ( Microgram per cubic meter) Such as benxi; So there will be a heavy haze of fushun city, there are anshan, dalian city, liaoyang city, suzhou, tieling city, etc. There will be a moderate haze. We all know that warmer winters go against pollution diffusion, and the air is pollution. Warm climate means less cold air than in the past, the weather, no wind is not conducive to haze evacuation makes the residence time is longer. So as part of the city as a strong cold air to the east today will ease, cold air for our previous idea that chill is very annoying, even mentioned the cold air, they may have some complaints, feel cold air way day cold shivering, and then this year's cold air for cities affected by the smog. Someone would say: not to disperse haze, for the purpose of cold air is play rascal, so this year the cold air became the savior. We have learned that one of the above natural hero & ndash; — ” The cold air & other; , then we can know the environment of science and technology crystallization & ndash; — Air disinfection purification machine! Small make up why guardians will say it is the air? Along with the small make up, slowly, the beginning we mentioned indoor indoor how can we resist and eliminate fog residue? So small make up also mentioned and recommend the brand, so now we understand the air disinfection purification machine is how to protect the indoor air quality, how to say have to air the guardian? We all know that winter is most people like to stay indoors, especially in the rain and snow. However, in order to achieve heat preservation effect often home doors and Windows closed, indoor air circulation, so it is beneficial to pathogenic microorganism breeding and breeding. If you don't pay attention to the prevention, it is easy to suffer from a variety of respiratory diseases. Rely on air conditioning as internal and external ventilation tools, will feel at ease. So people if they found that the origin of many respiratory diseases in our country, most of them are caused by droplets spread through the air. Winter common respiratory infectious diseases such as the common cold, flu, mumps, tuberculosis, measles, rubella and chicken pox, mumps and epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, etc. Small make up in front of the published some related articles, such as: analyses about what countermeasures to control the air quality of air conditioning buildings? , talk about the central air conditioning of the importance of clean air disinfector health, how to solve the public place of central air conditioning deposit overweight? Etc. So the above tell us that the best can match a air disinfection purification machine at home, brand is the research base of medical air disinfection. As shown in figure: specific functions, characteristics, technology, effect, can go to the website to understand in detail. Ought to be back here everyone know haze said still fierce, focus on the people and nature, using the synthetic technology and the forces of nature mankind together! Perhaps humor friend will speak: theme is that people and nature, what I see is a machine with nature? Look small make up the answer: who can tell me the air disinfection purification machine is how to? — — Answer: man-made? Hope that affected by fog city traffic early resumption of daily order, people daily life. Also hope that the air disinfection purification machine help areas together to protect the health of people in need! Thank you for reading!
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