Bridal chamber decorates the air test is qualified?

by:Funglan     2020-11-21
Bridal chamber decorates the air test is unqualified, has caused a global population increase in morbidity and mortality. If people daily work and life environment contains soluble heavy metal, formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, ammonia, benzene, xylene, ethyl, styrene, radon and other poisonous and harmful substances, decorate pollution harmful to people's health in recent years, is a serious effects on human health. And reconstruction of the main reason is that the new buildings in the selection of building materials containing hazardous substances, and exceeds bid badly. This will give me what kind of damage? Light can make human body cause conjunctivitis, sore throat, chest tightness, dizziness, decreased vision, the skin blister, etc. Weight will affect the body's immune system, cause blood disease and other serious diseases and even cancer. How much air testing then, bridal chamber is decorated can be qualified? We all know that decorate have national standards used in the environmental protection material, environmental protection material is harmful substance content in the material within the maximum limits prescribed by the state, is not does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances. Indoor pollution is proportional to the indoor decoration materials, so bridal chamber decorates how much air testing can be qualified, but how much of pollution sources and the same size space has a direct relationship, what decorate indoor air pollution level and use information and no direct link. If use a lot of decoration materials in a room, so even the environmental data of indoor air pollution is likely to be overweight, if use rarely in a room to decorate material, it doesn't even use environmental protection data, indoor air pollution is not overweight. And what are the potential impact on air quality, for ammonia, benzene these volatile faster material, this argument is not comprehensive. Drying room & throughout; Very effective method, through the research, ammonia, benzene, moderate pollution of the environment, indoor and ventilated, every day can be in about half a year's time, make indoor ammonia, benzene pollution to the human body can withstand range ( Refers to exceed bid but within the national standard double, the scope of general won't cause harm to healthy adults, but children, pregnant women, except for weak and sensitive person constitution) But for the first big killer decorate & ndash; Formaldehyde & ndash; But not too big effect, because the latent period of formaldehyde in 5 ~ 15 years, and formaldehyde mostly exist in the interior of the decoration materials, is more advantageous to volatilize, so & other; Drying room & throughout; To eliminate formaldehyde pollution is almost no effect. Benzene content belongs to aromatic hydrocarbon, depends on people's sense of smell to judge the level of air pollution is not scientific pollutants. A light fragrance, ammonia smell, formaldehyde is a colorless, tasteless so the formaldehyde content in air cannot be judged by the sense of smell but there are some material in the decoration materials, although is harmless to human body, but has a bad smell. So, the room no smell does not mean that the air is the room smell of peace not representatives will cause harm to human body. Unqualified in indoor air, the Beijing new decorate indoor environment test center for the new and the kindergarten, office, bedroom and so on more than 180 m households investigate the nearly 30000 square meters of construction monitoring. Found that indoor air quality, percent of pass is only 34. 7%, among which the ammonia pollution is most serious, which is 56. 9% measured peak beyond national control code of 62. Eight times, average exceed 36. 5 times; Formaldehyde which is 27. 8% of benzene series ( Toluene, xylene, etc. ) Which is 14. 6% abroad lots of research results also show that indoor air pollution cause & other Sick building syndrome & throughout; BBS symptoms include headaches, eye, nose and throat, dry cough, dry, itchy skin, dizzy and sick is difficult to focus attention and is sensitive to smells, etc. Modern decoration on a variety of luxurious look tall, but is likely to cause indoor pollution, so a lot of people wonder how can remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, chlorine, ammonia? With the development of science and technology, environment, the development of a special removing indoor harmful gas of new technology products, air purification disinfector, specific function characteristics, please contact to the website.
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