Briefly describes the plasma, ozone, ultraviolet air disinfector is what

by:Funglan     2020-10-14
As the saying goes: starters, guard the entrance, the layman. Today small make up take you while watching the introduction, after reading this article air sterilizer have a basic concept, in communicating with people air sterilizer also can't fog, don't say not proficient in, at least know how to distinguish the plasma, ozone, ultraviolet air disinfector is different. Air disinfection purification machine on the market at present is mainly divided into three types: ozone disinfection machine, air plasma air sterilization machine and uv sterilizer. According to the air disinfection purification machine for particle removal techniques in the air, there are mainly high voltage electrostatic dust collection, ultraviolet light, negative ions, photocatalytic and plasma sterilization removal technology, etc. High-pressure electrostatic dust collection technology, is a kind of to ensure that air volume and adsorption purification way of fine particles. This is before the particles through dust collecting plate by loading, carrying electronic high voltage make the particles under the action of charged & other; Easy adsorption & throughout; To the purification of dust collecting plate. Plasma air sterilization machine by using the principle of high voltage electrostatic adsorption to remove particles from the air pollutants, such as dust, soot, pollen, cigarette flavour and kitchen lampblack, etc. The disadvantages of this technology the downside is: the need to pay attention to electrical safety, general voltage of 8000 v, up to thousands of volts. Cleaning is difficult, need professional cleaning, easy to produce ozone, ozone must be properly designed to discharge dropped below safe levels. The technology at present environmental science and technology content of plasma sterilization removal technology of ozone release meet relevant national standards, the following us under the understanding of plasma air sterilization machine for the following people: 1. Pregnant women, pregnant women in serious indoor air pollution will feel whole body discomfort, appeared dizziness, sweating, smoke tongue is dry, symptoms such as chest tightness to vomit, adverse impact on the development of the fetus. The possibility of suffering from heart disease is breathing the fresh air of children born to women who took the three times. 2. Children: in the development of children's body is, the immune system is weak and vulnerable to the harm of indoor air pollution, resulting in a decline in immunity and physical retardation, inducing blood disease, increase the incidence of asthma in children, make the intelligence of children is reduced greatly. 3. Office gens: in high grade office building an enviable career at work. But in an environment of constant temperature airtight air quality is bad, easy to cause dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, emotional ups and downs the unwell symptom such as big, affect work efficiency, and cause various diseases, serious still can cause cancer. 4. Old man: the old body function decline, often a variety of chronic disease. Air pollution not only causes the elderly bronchitis, sore throat, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Can induce high blood pressure, heart disease, heart old vascular diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage. 5. : patients with respiratory disease in long-term air pollution will cause respiratory function to drop, respiratory symptoms worsen, especially rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and other diseases. Through breathing pure air to achieve the therapeutic effect of auxiliary and effect a radical cure. High voltage part dust is applying high voltage to the two electrodes, originally in polar discharge, make through dust charged. Most dust are neutral or weak current charge, therefore, dust filter filter to only than mesh. But the narrow filter mesh and causes obstruction. High voltage electrostatic dust collection way can make the dust charged, under the action of electric, adsorption to through special processing, permanent electric filter, therefore, even if the filter mesh is larger, can really capture the dust. Currently widely used in central air conditioning air disinfector, can solve the problem of pollution central air-conditioning ventilation system. Electrostatic dust removal can filter dust, smoke, and smaller than cells of bacteria, prevent lung disease, lung cancer, liver cancer and other diseases. The air is the most harmful to human body is less than 2. 5 micron dust, because its can penetrate cells, into the blood stream. Ordinary purification machine adopts filter to filter the dust in the air, extremely easy blocking filter hole, dust not only has no sterilization effect, and easy to cause secondary pollution. Ultraviolet air disinfector using ultraviolet light disinfection sterilization, but also easy to produce too much ozone. Also by not installed correctly, can also lead to some ultraviolet light leak. To achieve effective disinfection function must guarantee a certain amount of irradiation time, ultraviolet disinfection of air purification machine average wind speed is larger, therefore the ultraviolet sterilization ability is limited, and the body can't long time under uv irradiation, the seal is tight. Environmental science and technology in this strengthened the encryption and uv leak device, to ensure safety, stability, man-machine coexist. Ozone air disinfector is also called three oxygen air disinfection machine, mainly using oxygen easy and other molecules react to disinfection sterilization. Ozone generator is a device that converts the oxygen to ozone, the ozone generator is applied to the ozone disinfection is called air air disinfection machine & middot; Ozone technology is mainly created by nature of the method of simulation, roughly photochemical method, electrochemical method and three kinds of corona discharge method. Corona discharge method to produce ozone is one of the world's economy, the most commonly used method, it is formed by high voltage corona dielectric barrier discharge, by high-energy ion oxygen dissociation into oxygen, oxygen and oxygen molecules to form ozone.
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