Cabinet-type air disinfection machine enters the fitness club

by:Funglan     2021-02-24
The cabinet-type air disinfector entered the fitness club. In recent years, the surrounding fitness industry is very popular. First, most of them stay in the office and lack exercise. Second, everyone is more and more concerned about their bodies. Poor air quality in gyms is a common problem. The main reason is that many commercial buildings now use large floor-to-ceiling glass with a high frequency, which is basically composed of walls and floor-to-ceiling glass. The space is relatively closed, and the place with natural ventilation is the entrance and exit gate. The cabinet-type air sterilizer can be moved around, and each health room can be used in turn. Because each customer has different requirements for cooperation, we try our best to meet customer requirements and recommend the most suitable air according to customer needs. The disinfection machine shows our sincerity. In fact, in every cooperation, the company and customers must support each other in order to achieve a win-win result. I hope that we can better serve our customers in the future and provide better air disinfection machines for everyone!
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