Cabinet type ultraviolet air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-16
Cabinet type ultraviolet air disinfection machine [Today's news] Qingdao air purifier brand air disinfection machine has been popularized and widely used in hospitals all over the country. The departments that use air disinfection machines in Chongqing Hospital include: various operating rooms, hospital ICUs, and delivery rooms , Hospital's supply room, treatment center, hospital's hemodialysis room, infusion room, etc. Since these departments have used the cabinet-type ultraviolet air disinfection machine, the air quality of the hospital has improved a lot. Here are some precautions during the use of the air disinfection machine. 1. When using a 'brand' product for the first time, you should read the 'Instruction Manual' in detail, and perform operation management and operation in strict accordance with the requirements of the 'Instruction Manual'. 2. Keep the surface of the disinfection room clean. The air sterilizer is only effective for air purification and disinfection and sterilization, and has no disinfection and sterilization effect on the surface of the objects in the disinfection room. If there is more dust on the surface of the object in the disinfection room, secondary pollution will occur, which will affect the effect of air purification and disinfection. 3. When using the product daily, pay attention to the airtightness of the disinfection room. When the disinfection machine is working, the doors and windows of the room should be closed, and the number of people in the disinfection room and the frequency of activities should be minimized to ensure the air purification and disinfection effect. 4. The choice of product boot time. 4-1. Static disinfection under unmanned conditions: The '1+1 mode' is used to maintain air quality when no one is active, and it will automatically run 2-3 times a day, each time for 60-120 minutes. It is generally set at 6-8 am before work in the morning, 12-14 am before work in the afternoon, and 24:00-2 pm at night. 4-2. Dynamic disinfection in the presence of people: the '3+3 mode' is used in the case of people with high frequency activities, and the '2+2 mode' is used in the case of people with low frequency activities to reduce the need for disinfection of the room during personnel activities. Secondary pollution caused by air. The disinfection machine is set to intelligent operation mode. 5. When the disinfection machine alarm displays: Please clean or replace the filter, please refer to the 'Instruction Manual' method to clean or replace the filter; when the disinfection machine alarm displays: Please change the sterilization factor, refer to the 'Instruction Manual' method Replace the corresponding bactericidal factor. 6. The vertical cabinet-type ultraviolet air disinfection machine adopts the working principle of circulating air to avoid obstruction of the air inlet and outlet of the disinfection machine, and maintain a good circulation of air around the disinfection machine.
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