Can Plasma Air Purifiers Remove Smoke Smell?

by:Funglan     2022-01-14
When we use an air purifier, we want a fresher air. Many people do not know much about the negative ion air purifiers that are currently on the market. Can negative ion air purifiers remove the smell of smoke?

Plasma purifiers sold in the market are usually equipped with air outlets on both sides and three sides of the top to circulate airflow and release more negative ions, which greatly accelerates the efficiency of plasma air purification. In order to know whether the air purifier can remove the smoke smell in the air, it is necessary to analyze the main components of the tobacco.

When tobacco is burned, it produces more than 3,000 kinds of toxic substances. The most important toxic substances are nicotine, as well as tobacco tar, hydrogen cyanide. Acid, carbon monoxide, acrolein and nitric oxide, etc., in the smoke of combustion, 90% of the harmful substances are in the form of gas, and only 10% are in the form of soot particles existing.

Different air purifiers have different structures, but if we want to remove the smell of smoke, we need to know how the air purifier can remove the smell of smoke. purpose. When the air purifier is working, it mainly filters a particulate matter through the filter screen, but if the requirements of the filter screen are particularly high, some gases can also be filtered, because the filter screen in the air purifier contains A kind of activated carbon, which is very effective for adsorbing some toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene, but requires more activated carbon in the filter screen, and a relatively high iodine value, so as to prevent those toxic The gas is well adsorbed and decomposed.

The working principle of the plasma purifier is to ionize the positive and negative ions in the air under high voltage, and the negative ions generated can be effectively combined with harmful gases such as bacteria and dust, thereby The structure changes.

Eventually lead to bacterial death or dust precipitation, and the multi-layer filtration system that comes with the principle of the plasma purifier can effectively absorb these bacteria and harmful substances from the air, Filter out, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. On the whole, plasma air purifiers can remove smoke and dust, but the filter should be replaced regularly.

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