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Can the fresh air system and air purifier replace each other?

Can the fresh air system and air purifier replace each other?


When it comes to improve indoor air quality, everyone will think of air purifier and fresh air system, and the purpose of we buy air purifier or fresh air system is also very simple, is hoping to purify indoor air, let us can have a healthy breathing environment, from this point, the purpose of the air purifier and fresh air system is the same. (Air purifier)

Since the purpose is the same, then the fresh air system and air purifier can replace each other? The answer must be no, otherwise there would be no need for two products. At present, the mainstream air purifier on the market is the filter type air purifier. It mainly uses the filter screen inside the machine for adsorption or purification to achieve the purpose of purifying air. Its core is the circulation purification of indoor air. As we all know, the composition of indoor polluted air is very complex, so the air purifier needs to have a diverse purification capacity.

Now most of the air purifiers on the market have a very weak purification capacity for formaldehyde. The reason is that the purification method adopted is a single activated carbon adsorption, which is not only easy to saturate, but also produces secondary pollution. In order to solve this problem, Oulondes air purifier has developed the purification mode of adsorption + decomposition, which can not only adsorb formaldehyde efficiently, but also decompose formaldehyde into carbon dioxide, and completely eliminate the secondary pollution. So, if you choose to use air purifiers to improve indoor air quality, you must carefully screen.

How does the fresh air system work? The fresh air system is a set of independent air treatment system composed of air supply system and exhaust system. Its basic principle and function is to discharge indoor stale air while importing outdoor air, so as to achieve the effect of ventilation and ventilation without opening the window. In addition, the fresh air system is generally equipped with a purification system and a full heat exchange system to avoid secondary pollution of indoor air caused by outdoor pollutants.

But one thing needs to be clear, the purification system of the fresh air system is lower than that of the air purifier! Of course, there are exceptions, that is, the air purifier of the brand itself is very good, and the purification system naturally carried in the fresh air system will be better, such as the fresh air system of Oulondes.

To sum up, careful friends are not difficult to find the difference between air purifier and fresh air system, a main inside, main attack purification, a main outside, main attack ventilation. Although the purpose of the two is the same, the core of the two is different, which makes it impossible to replace each other. And only complementary, can maximize the realization of indoor air cleanliness, so that we can follow one's inclinations of breathing healthy air.

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