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by:Funglan     2021-03-07
Ceiling air disinfection machine prices in Guangzhou, Guangdong-high-tech embedded air purification and disinfection machine manufacturers factory discount prices direct sales Guangdong Guangzhou ceiling air sterilizer (high-tech embedded air purification disinfection machine), ceiling air disinfection machines have many The advantage is that because the ceiling-mounted air purification and disinfection machine is embedded in the ceiling, it can supply air in four directions, the wind can reach a larger range, the air disinfection and purification effect is better, and people feel more comfortable. The ceiling-mounted air purification and disinfection machine adopts a hidden installation method, and the white air outlet panel is left on the top of the wall and installed in the middle of the top of the room. In addition, the ceiling height of the ceiling air purifying and disinfecting machine is generally required to be used in a house above 3 meters. A house that is too low is likely to cause a short circuit of the airflow and affect the disinfection and purification effect. The following describes how to install and clean the ceiling embedded air disinfector. How to install the ceiling type ceiling type embedded air disinfection and purification machine? First, open a slightly larger square hole in the ceiling of the ceiling, but the size of the square hole cannot exceed the size of the white panel of the sterilizer, and put the ceiling-mounted ceiling-type embedded air purifier sterilizer on the ceiling. The middle position of the pre-opened square hole. The specifications of the 4 fixed suspension bolts are M10. Determine the suspension position of the disinfector. Use a wrench to fix the suspension bolts. Each suspension bolt is required to withstand 4 times the weight of the ceiling-mounted ceiling embedded air disinfection purifier. ; Install the washer and nut of the ceiling-mounted ceiling-type embedded air sterilizer on the suspension bolt, and then fix it on the hanging hole; finally use the level to determine the height of the sterilizer. Adjust the level to make the sterilizer in the correct position; check the level of the sterilizer. For more ceiling embedded air purification and disinfection machines, please see: How to clean the ceiling type ceiling-mounted ceiling embedded plasma air purification and disinfection machine? Embedded ceiling cleaning is not difficult, you can remove the filter for cleaning. Remove the top cover, clean the filter with tap water, then air dry or blow dry with a hair dryer, and then install it. There are four buckles in the four directions of the air outlet, which can be seen at a glance. Then remove the air outlet, the filter is inside the air outlet, and just wash it with tap water. In rooms with good air quality, check or clean the filter of the sterilizer once every six months. In rooms with poor air quality, check or clean the filter of the disinfector once every three months. Because the filter of the disinfection machine is the main air inlet, the intake air of the disinfection machine is sucked in here, and the purpose of the filter of the air purifier is to increase the air intake of the disinfection machine. The function of the filter of the sterilizer is to block dust and filter and purify the air.
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