Ceiling type air disinfection machine│How much is an embedded plasma air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-15
Anhui Hefei Ceiling Air Sterilizer│ Embedded Plasma Air Sterilizer How much is an Anhui Hefei Ceiling Plasma Air Sterilizer is installed on the ceiling, integrated with the ceiling decoration, and can be air-vented from all sides Plasma air sterilizer. It is relatively simple and quick for users to install the disinfection machine. The manufacturer comes standard with a clean white panel, which is very beautiful. In terms of the layout of the air outlet of the disinfection machine, the four directions can be accurately and evenly supplied at the same time. So how much does a ceiling plasma air disinfection machine cost? The editor understands that the sales policy of factory direct sales is implemented. The ceiling-mounted plasma air purification and disinfection machine delivers air from all angles, and its comfort reaches a new level, the air does not leave dead ends, and the air is clean and comfortable. The manufacturer's panels have unified specifications and more coordinated installation. Three gears of high, medium and low wind speed can meet different heights of air supply. The embedded plasma air purification and disinfection machine has a compact and more beautiful body, stable performance and humanized operation. The ceiling plasma air sterilizer series products are designed with a reasonable air inlet and outlet structure, which makes air purification and disinfection faster, and allows clean air to reach the ground directly, bringing all-round air purification and disinfection. The ceiling plasma air purification and disinfection machine is mainly composed of (initial effect + medium effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter, high-pressure plasma, working air duct, ultra-strong ultraviolet lamp, ultra-quiet fan, LCD operation and operation monitoring system, and cabinet composition. Ceiling-type plasma dynamic air disinfection machines are equipped with four tie rods. When installing, first prepare the wiring and pipelines for using the ceiling of the room, and then use the blasting rose to drive into the ceiling, adjust the balance and lock it.  The embedded plasma dynamic air sterilizer is installed invisible, leaving only the white air outlet on the top of the wall, and it is generally installed in the center of the top of the wall, which is both beautiful and atmospheric. The ceiling-type plasma dynamic air disinfection machine adopts the form of air outlet from all sides, the air supply range is wider, and the air purification and disinfection effect is relatively better. Ceiling-type plasma dynamic air disinfection machine uses high-pressure plasma to decompose and destroy bacteria, purify, filter and adsorb dust, and can choose high-intensity ultraviolet rays to synergize sterilization. The processed clean air flows quickly to keep the product in a controlled environment. 'Aseptic clean room' standard requirements. For more ceiling plasma air disinfection machines, please view:
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