Central air conditioning air disinfector device applied in which industries

by:Funglan     2020-11-26
Central air conditioning air disinfector device used in the industries of which the central air conditioning air disinfector device is generally applied to some of the larger public places, such as Internet cafes, supermarkets, securities, gym, chess and card room, night club, etc. , these occasions with characteristics of public places are also more and more with the development of economy, although these occasions there are no health standards, but its specific environment air pollution know-how make people are worried. So, how can we prevent? 1, installed in the central air conditioning series of air purification disinfection device can be used for almost any use of air conditioning of sealed performance is good indoor environment. Indoor environment is also referred to as the limited environment, which is defined as a relatively closed space environment. 2, we generally use to open the window method to introduce the fresh air outside. Some people think that as long as ventilation can definitely indoor air purification, this is just one of the reasons, indeed sometimes more open an empty window to the indoor environment is good, but is not suitable for used in public places, especially in the winter in summer. If ventilation, or open the window, so the indoor environment have not been relatively airtight space environment, then, all limited environment for a relatively closed air research will appear very meaningless. 3, actually to modern architecture, modern industry and modern science, the relatively closed environment more and more, some can't tolerate a little bit of gap. Modern people often realize that living in isolation from the natural ventilation in artificial environment. You will have many experience in artificial environment. The typical limited environment mainly has: ( 1) Hospital and medical institutions; ( 2) Industrial and mining enterprises of the workshop and workplaces; ( 3) Public places; ( 4) Scientific research, experiment institution; ( 5) Modern enterprise and government offices; ( 6) Housing; ( 7) Modern means of transport now there are more and more public attention to the environment air quality problem, installed in the central air conditioning our air disinfection purification plant, for the customer and the staff to bring a healthy air. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of central air conditioning, air, disinfection, machine, device, applied to, which, etc
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