Central air-conditioning principle of electrostatic air disinfection purifier technology using d

by:Funglan     2020-10-15
Through double ionization dust removal, sterilization light contact with the medium catalytic oxidation, activated carbon adsorption of harmful gases, air disinfection and purification. Electrostatic air purifier built-in high voltage electrostatic field + layer filter, activated carbon adsorption function + negative oxygen ions. The high-tech electrostatic dust collection of electronic unit, can completely eliminate the diameter size of 0 in the air. 01 um bacteria, dust, cigarette, viruses, dust mites, mold, such as aerosols, prevent allergic diseases and respiratory illness caused by bad air, effectively remove the smell in the air, the smell, etc. , make the air filter net effect of more than 98%, give you a clean and healthy working and living space. Save cost, simple maintenance. Electrostatic air disinfection purifier product features: 1, efficient disinfection: loop to realize natural bacteria killing rate is as high as in the air & ge; 95. 00%; 2, efficient purification: PM2 in the air. 5 particulate removal & ge; 96. 50%; 3, broad-spectrum sterilization: for airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and e. dry bacteria, etc. ; 4, energy conservation and environmental protection: equipment unit module ( 800 m3 / h) , power & le; 5W。 5, circulation use: after plasma module and pre filter dust cleaning; 6, module combination, shape size and air flow can customize according to customer's requirements. Unit 7, equipment control, linkage control, synchronization with unit on/off; 8, convenient maintenance, maintenance: open the maintenance cover plate can be directly plasma modules can be taken out for cleaning; Electrostatic air disinfection purifier product features: 1. A stable good appearance, performance is remarkable, low failure rate. 2. Permanently washable filter, so you don't have any extra cost. 3. Solemn appearance, style, body color is rich, can be and live environment. 4. On the principle of mechanical assembly, installation fast and simple. 5. Controller adopts imported gear switch, long life, safety performance is high. 6. Equipped with the door safety trip switch, achieve safe cleaning maintenance of the boot. 7. Bass quiet, even in the middle of the night will not hear the sound operation of the machine. 8. Remote control, button, manual operating a variety of ways. ( This machine is manual) Electrostatic air disinfection purifier working principle and operating instructions: how it works: ionization area by the discharge electrode ( Ionization silk) And the electrode. On the discharge electrode and dc high voltage ( Positive voltage) Produce corona discharge, discharge electrode surface phenomena, the dust particles in the air by ionization zone, dust particles get charge, particle size, the greater the charge more. Ionization area downstream is dust collection area, precipitation area by multiple sets of high voltage parallel plate and ground plate, plus or minus two plate of parallel, uniform electric field is produced. Positively charged dust particles with the air flow into the uniform electric field, and be rejected anode plate, soon attracted in the negative electrostatic filter dust on a board. Design for horizontal airflow through the electronic filter, easy to install in the hvac system and central air conditioning system. Electrode design USES pressed aluminum plate as a dust collecting electrode. The structure arrangement is flexible and can be assembled into different specifications, and size after combination of cross section area of electrostatic precipitators can from zero a few square meters to a few square meters. Separate the dust charged and separation set up in the region of the two Spaces, suitable for high resistance dust dust removal, can prevent the corona, and has a small volume is small, the metal consumption, power consumption control instructions: 1. Electrostatic air purifier for manual operation, which is divided into five gear, respectively is high speed, medium speed, low speed, ventilation and stop working. 2. Intermediate gear for maximum air volume 1, 2 gear, the minimum air volume 3 gear, a draft gears on the left. Electrostatic air purifier installation instructions: 1. Open the case on the left side of the door, take out the power cord plug on the power socket at the back of the chassis. 2. Remove the activated carbon filter inside the box, pulled out from the chassis electronic filter, insert the activated carbon filter. 3. Will be good electronic filter back into the chassis assembly, close a side door, then you can live to clean up the air around you. Electrostatic air disinfection purifier maintenance: 1. Remove the boot box left side, pull out electronic filter. Remove the activated carbon filter and the front screen. 2. Soak electronic filters and profiteer in a container with normal household detergent and warm water for 20 to 30 minutes. 3. Dry cleaning after electronic filter and pre filter clean, drain off water, full to dry in the air. 4. About cleaning note 1) 。 Your electronic filters, ion careful not to damage the wire line and the metal plate to avoid scratching when run again and high-pressure arc phenomenon. 2) 。 After using the electronic filter will have slight fading is normal, does not affect the electronic filter purification effect. As a result of the activated carbon filter adsorption capacity will gradually degenerate, so suggest every 3 to 4 months to replace an activated carbon filter.
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