Central air disinfection purification industrial workshop

by:Funglan     2020-11-26
Central air disinfection purification industrial workshop in industrial workshop, ventilated effect is not very good, relatively closed air, add all kinds of goods are stacked together, easy to make the air circulation, a lot of formal workshop have equipment for installation of central air conditioning and fan. Workshop installation of central air-conditioning system, can adjust temperature and humidity and cleanliness, because only 10% of the fresh air, the whole system combined with the indoor electrical equipment, decorative materials and personnel activities produce harmful gases, fly ash, and bacteria and other pollutants, make indoor air quality declining, many people in the eyes, throat irritation, stuffy nose, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, symptoms such as lethargy, sometimes accompanied by low thermal, can be seen from the indoor environment quality is very important, especially is often more important work in the workshop. Therefore, the environment development several equipment for the central air disinfection purification device, in harmony with the central air conditioning, and to remove some harmful gas in the air, can be installed in the position such as fresh air, air supply and return air duct. Direct killing of airflow carry disease-causing bacteria. Keep the air conditioning clean air circulation, remove peculiar smell, keep the air conditioning system run efficiently. Effectively prevent bacteria growth and smell in the air supply system. Characteristics: 1, the economic system only need a small amount of electricity running; 2, safe and no exposure of danger; 3, easy installation and simple maintenance, automatic continuous disinfection; 5, a variety of models to choose general, meet different system requirements; 6, low maintenance costs only need to change every year, and regular cleaning of the tubes, suitable for all the central air conditioning system or ventilation system; Realize the purification disinfection device working with air conditioning unit synchronization. In order to maintain good order of production, improve labor productivity, ensure the normal production and production safety, build a good working environment, more and more manufacturers begin to pay attention to indoor air quality, reduce indoor air pollution, the installation of central air-conditioning disinfector, enjoy a healthy and comfortable environment for employees, for the food factory workshop, the food is easy to produce bacteria, in addition to the benefits of human body, the food is guaranteed. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of central air disinfector, central air conditioning sterilization machine, central air conditioning cleaning machine, etc
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