Characteristics of wall-mounted air disinfection machine is introduced

by:Funglan     2020-10-30
Wall-mounted air disinfection machine features introduced yesterday we learned about the reading medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine using standard interpretation of 'today with small make up together to understand the characteristics of the wall under the air disinfection machine is introduced. Wall-mounted air sterilizer for hospital provides a safe and clean environment, no matter in appearance design, internal structure, safety performance, sterilization function, service life and maintenance aspects of the traditional disinfection is the brand-new improvement and breakthrough. Its ultra-thin fuselage, concise appearance, fashionable frontal crystal panel and completely non-combustible material fuselage, luxuriant and applicable, has incomparable advantages in the same industry products. All no dead Angle, worth of trust. With it people will stay away from bacteria and pollution. In the hospital is known to all, air sterilizer is an indispensable medical disinfection equipment, including wall-mounted air disinfection machine is one of the most common. It is adopted by the sterilization disinfection with ozone gas also has the use of wind circulation ultraviolet disinfection. They use method is very simple, especially wall-mounted circulation wind ultraviolet disinfection machine, controlled by microcomputer timer air disinfection, also can undertake temporary remote control disinfection, anyone can simple easy to use. Wall-mounted air disinfection disinfection effect is significant, installed on the interior walls, does not occupy a space area, sterilization time can man-machine coexist, both safe, disinfection and thoroughly, and no secondary pollution. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine installation requirements: 1. The side of at least 200 mm away from the walls, more than 150 mm from smallpox; 2. Each machine to the user to provide the 50 hz, 220 v three-phase power socket. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine recommended reason: 1. Model advantages: the machine purchase price economy, such as bulk purchase is first selection model; 2. Installation environment, such as single room model can consider the installation, such as the treatment room, dressing room, etc; 3. Then affects the overall layout and beautiful large install more than one degree, sheet film out of the wind so only a single Angle fluctuation cycle air supply. Wall-mounted air sterilizer is not only applied in hospital also used in food, pharmaceutical and biological products, oral outpatient service, personal clinic, beauty salon, rehabilitation center, blood stations and other fields, it is used so widely, mainly because it is process control, sterilization and disinfection room is done automatically. And wall-mounted air disinfection machine without ozone model adopted by the ultraviolet lamp, the high intensity irradiation can thorough disinfection sterilization, don't leave any blind Angle. The structure of the automatic type, make its operation more simple, more convenient. These are the main reason for it is widely used. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine in the life, the hospital is the more, one is affordable, and easy installation. Specializing in the research, development, production and sales of medical air disinfection machine, with national patent technology!
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