China Aerospace Research Institute Electrostatic Air Purifier

by:Funglan     2022-01-15
In recent years, ambient air quality has attracted widespread attention, and PM2.5 and smog have become hot topics. Beijing Oriental Institute of Metrology and Testing boldly entered the field of mass consumer products, promoted the civilian transformation of aerospace models of electrostatic protection and electrostatic dust removal core technologies, and started the research and development of electrostatic air purifiers. After more than a year of innovative exploration by the scientific research team, this air purifier with the 'Space' label was unveiled in 2016. The purifier integrates high-voltage polarization ionization, electric field adsorption and precipitation, plasma catalysis and other technologies to comprehensively treat air pollutants such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde, and the purification capacity is super-fast and efficient. Energy saving and consumption reduction is another advantage and selling point of this purifier. Even under 24-hour uninterrupted operation, more than one degree of electricity is used in three days, and the fan consumes less power, smaller wind resistance, and more than 20% lower noise. On the basis of electrostatic air purifiers, Beijing Dongfang Metrology and Testing Institute is developing and promoting an integrated system for air quality monitoring and prevention based on electrostatic precipitator technology. This system integrates air purification, PM2.5 monitoring and intelligent control. In addition to home indoor electrostatic air purifiers, a large-scale high-voltage electrostatic dust collector can also be installed to realize the upgrade from a single fresh air system to a 'fresh air + purification' function. . Development of derivative services to open up ideas for aerospace technology and civil use. Electrostatic purifier is not only an example of aerospace technology application, but also a derivative demonstration product of its electrostatic protection and energy saving and environmental protection testing business. Beijing Dongfang Metrology and Testing Institute not only provides technical support for electrostatic protection for aerospace models, but also extends service areas to boost product quality in the electronics industry. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection testing business, the institute provides the society with comprehensive energy conservation technical services such as energy balance test, energy conservation potential assessment and problem diagnosis, energy conservation renovation plan design and implementation, energy conservation and emission reduction business consulting, etc., to serve the society with technology and fulfill social responsibilities. Promote the transformation of aerospace technology to civilian use from multiple angles and multiple systems. Electrostatic air purifiers, civil transformation of aerospace models of electrostatic protection technology, and energy-saving and environmental protection testing are just a microcosm of Beijing Dongfang Metrology and Testing Institute's active development of aerospace technology application industries. The market development and product development of civil metrology and testing carried out by taking advantage of the metrology and testing technology advantages of aerospace models have a considerable market contribution rate.
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