China central television (CCTV) found that trip interview environment science and technology

by:Funglan     2020-11-09
Yesterday, CCTV 'discovery journey to our environment technology co. , LTD. , at that time, I feel so proud, why do you say that? China central television (CCTV), everyone think about ordinary company they will go to the interview? So it is proved that our company must be unique, to attract CCTV found that trip. We all know that is the only discovery channel journey to reveal human exploration, science programs consisting mainly of professional channel, and that is a subsidiary of Hong Kong specializing in air disinfection purification machine, clean engineering, medical air sterilizer, central air conditioner disinfection purifier equipment, and other products, set research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the high-tech joint-stock company, and have a core technology of air disinfection purification & ndash; - Products won the national practical new patents. According to understand, a few months ago, Yang, chairman of the board of directors invited by CCTV 'credit archives' group, discusses about how to solve the problem of indoor air pollution, the air purification disinfection equipment manufacturers how to think about this question, what is the solution. So after discussion the two sides reached a record deal. And began recording in December 8, 2015, issue of weekly, channel and play to find 30 minutes long trip. We all know that haze weather is more and more frequently in recent years, and the spread and influence to more cities. There are all sorts of breathing the spread of influenza virus infection, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, 15 years H7N9 avian flu, and so on. In the face of these harmful viruses, bacteria and other harmful particles of life, air purification disinfection is urgently needed. So only by manufacturer is weak, only all of us work together to conquer this difficult problem. Media is the best teacher in the Internet age, it can bring us enjoy unique entertainment, also can see the winding suspense the true story of us. Take a look at the CCTV found that trip to interview a map scene environment science and technology. Choose good air. Winter cold, pay attention to indoor air circulation, prevent colds, be sure to keep warm! Time like running water, also not come back again. Near the Spring Festival atmosphere, year comes, I wish everyone good health, everything goes well in advance, and treasures will be plentiful, peace and happiness!
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