Clean room and central air conditioning system of plasma air sterilization machine cloth

by:Funglan     2020-10-17
Plasma clean room and central air-conditioning system of air sterilizer layout relationship clean room construction layout and central air conditioning system has a close relationship between plasma air sterilization machine, plasma air sterilization machine should not only obey the central air conditioning system construction of the overall layout, architectural layout must also conform to the principle of central air conditioning system of plasma air sterilization machine, can give full play to the role of related functions. Designers should not only understand the architectural layout of clean air-conditioning system in consideration of system arrangement, and to provide advice to the architectural layout that it conforms to the principle of the clean room. Plasma air sterilization machine consists of filter, ionization area and dust collection area: ionization area by the discharge electrode ( Ionization silk) And the electrode. On the discharge electrode and dc high voltage ( Positive voltage) Produce corona discharge, discharge electrode surface phenomena, the dust particles in the air by ionization zone, dust particles get charge, particle size, the greater the charge more. Ionization area downstream is dust collection area, precipitation area by multiple sets of high voltage parallel plate and ground plate, plus or minus two plate of parallel, uniform electric field is produced. Positively charged dust particles with the air flow into the uniform electric field, and be rejected anode plate, soon attracted in the negative electrostatic filter dust on a board. Design for horizontal airflow through the electronic filter, easy to install in the hvac system and central air conditioning system. Electrode design USES pressed aluminum plate as a dust collecting electrode. The structure arrangement is flexible and can be assembled into different specifications, and size after combination of cross section area of electrostatic precipitators can from zero a few square meters to a few square meters. Separate the dust charged and separation set up in the region of the two Spaces, suitable for high resistance dust dust removal, can prevent the corona, and has a small volume is small, the metal consumption, low power consumption, etc. Choose the central air conditioning system of plasma air sterilization machine advantages: 1, sharply reduce building internal and introduction of new wind dust particles to ensure clean the basis of building systems; 2, after cleaning the dust collecting electrodes can be reused for a long time, low maintenance cost; 3, small electronic device in air resistance, adopt unique symmetric type plate structure, resistance & lt; 25 pa, high dust removal efficiency; Little resistance change after dust. Fan air conditioning system of low static pressure, thus reduce air conditioning system equipment and operating costs; Modular design, 4, dust collection can be combined into a variety of specifications of the device, flexible is applicable to various space; 5, using electronic type high voltage generator, stable operation; 6, the excess capacity design of dust, maintenance cycle relatively long interval; 7, advanced control system, can realize the comprehensive management, and can be compatible with building control system. In this case, the first two kinds of production division should be concentrated to decorate, create favorable conditions for clean production as soon as possible. In terms of clean area, it generally includes clean area, difficult to clean the area and supporting area of three parts, the content is as follows: clean room plane can have the following several ways: verandah surround type: profile can be main or no outside window, and visiting and put some spare, some on the verandah with heating (on duty 100000 there are generally do so, and appropriate light tube heating) 。 Outside the window must be double sealed window. In healthcare: clean room is located in the periphery and the corridor is located in the interior, the corridor of cleanliness level is generally higher, even and clean room at the corresponding levels. Clean room is located in the external cause, of course not foreign trade. On both ends of the type: clean area is located in one side, the other side must touch net and auxiliary. Core type: in order to save land, shorten the pipeline, can clean area as the core, the up and down or so surrounded by the space of all sorts of auxiliary and concealed pipes, mooring net area to avoid this way for outdoor climate impact in port, reduce the cold and hot orange to said ehud Shapiro & lsquo; Is very beneficial. Hope the central air conditioning system of plasma air sterilization function help more clean room, let health into various areas, come into our lives! Can learn from each other, mutual communication, if there is insufficient message advice, thank you!
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