Cleaning instructions for medical air purifiers

by:Funglan     2021-03-28
The laboratory fume hood is an integral part of the laboratory equipment. In the scientific laboratory environment, the outstanding ventilation effect is very important for inventing a clean laboratory environment, ensuring the scientificity and reliability of the test conditions, and the safety during the test. important. Therefore, the laboratory equipment should be cleaned regularly. Now let's talk about how to clean the medical air purifier.   1. In order to maintain an outstanding appearance, please follow the outstanding maintenance procedures. To ensure a safe working environment, please immediately remove the accidentally poured chemical liquid. Don't use wax on the outside.  2. Do not place this material in an environment where the temperature exceeds 135℃ for a long time. Do not expose this material to open flames, molten metal, metal cremation or direct sunlight, and it cannot be used as a cutting surface.   3. The flame of a gas lamp or alcohol lamp will damage the appearance of this product, so the gas lamp or alcohol lamp should be used on a tripod.  4. It is recommended to use warm water, acetone or mild detergent to clean the appearance of corrosion-resistant physical and chemical boards (those used to wash hands or dishes are optional), and do not choose detergents containing strong acids to avoid damage to the appearance. Regarding stubborn stains, drop hypochlorous acid on the surface of the contaminated corrosion-resistant physical and chemical board and wash it off with water.   5. Please clean regularly, and use gloss oil products (without wax) for maintenance. Do not sand the joints and scratches. In the case of sudden changes in temperature, it may be harmed. For example, liquid nitrogen or dry ice may be harmful to the external surface. Improper use of these substances will cause data to break or sink.
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