Combined the importance of hepa filter in practical application

by:Funglan     2020-11-19
What is a high efficiency filter? Hepa filter is mainly used to capture 0. Below 5 um particles of dust and all kinds of suspended solids, as various filtration system at the end of the filter. Use made of super fine glass fiber paper, glue, materials such as aluminum foil folding partition board, the new type of polyurethane sealant seal, and galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy profile as the outer frame is made. The importance of how to choose and practical application, the requirements of high efficiency filter for pressure of the pressure problem also has certain rules, the filter as an excuse to make sure good relative pressure value, this is a hard and fast rules, must not be more than itself unable to bear pressure value, this can ensure the effective use of high efficiency filter, can guarantee the safety in the process of use, high efficiency filter accessories pressure is very important, must be taken seriously. There are a lot of holes in the combined high efficiency filter, the role of these holes is to filter the dust and impurities in the air, mainly is the impurity particles type, must be done through these holes to intercept and adsorption, so also is very high to the requirement of these holes, have a specific technological process for manufacturing, and has a variety of specifications, for the different needs of high efficiency filter used for manufacturing. Combined efficient filter material for high efficiency filter is very important, so are fixed on the material requirements, and connected to the pipe of the filter, craft also is very fastidious, and must use of special material, and other parts of the material is different. General is the use of cast iron and carbon steel, and special service requirements of the use of stainless steel and low alloy steel. Each are flame method test, filter with high efficiency, low resistance and capacitance of large amount of dust, etc. High efficiency air filter can be widely used in optical electron, LCD manufacturing, biological medicine, precision instruments, drinks, food, PCB printing industry such as dust-free purification workshop air terminal air supply. Efficient and highly efficient filters are used in the clean room terminal, in the form of the structure can be divided into: a hepa filter, hepa filter without separators, big air volume high efficiency filter, super high efficiency filter, etc. There are three kinds of high efficiency filter, one kind is super high efficiency filter, purified can do 99. 9995%. Type is a kind of antibacterial hepa air filters, no antimicrobial effect, prevent bacteria into the clean workshop, is a kind of high efficiency filter, cheaper and more used in the purification of the request is not high. The role of high efficiency filter: 1. Multi-stage combined filter, suitable for the needs of different users. 2. Unique a quick change filter installation box design, operation and maintenance is very convenient. 3. Accord with environmental protection. Filter does not contain PVC stain and halogen, filtering can be used for food grade. 4. High efficiency air filter air volume is big, small pressure loss, high filtration efficiency, reliable operation. 5. Viscous treatment of high efficiency air filter material for adhesive completely osmotic medium and make the dust particles to pass. 6. High efficiency air filter material for increasing structure, namely the density of the pure air direction of fiber layer increases gradually, prolong service life. 7. High efficiency air filter material for the fracture resistance of synthetic fiber non-woven fabric of high performance, is similar to glass fiber fracture risk, reduce the risk of broken.
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