Common medical air disinfection machine maintenance and daily maintenance

by:Funglan     2020-10-25
First we talk about, a voltage to carry on with the air disinfection machine, general household appliances and normal electricity is 220 v, then someone will ask: why don't you this air disinfection machine is 220 v? , is also said to the first topic we came out. Because the electricity is 220 v, but medical purification sterilizing machine Bunsen carries the kv and thousands of volts, so be sure to keep the air sterilizer clean and dry at the same time pay attention to the following several aspects: first, second, are not allowed to use wet cloth surface must be shut off the power before cleaning or plug thirdly, far away from contact with the water as much as possible. Finished cleaning, let's know the daily operation and maintenance subsidiary: ( 1) Find exceptions (air purification disinfection machine work Failure to display or alarm) , you should immediately shut off the power switch and pull out the power plug, immediately contact the notify equipment maintenance personnel to check. ( 2) Medical air purification disinfection machine using the cumulative time less than 4000 hours, such as to achieve total time, deal with uv lamp for replacement, and record the change of time. ( 3) No cover, air sterilizer should also should not be subjected to such as contained in the environment, multiple environmental disinfection should jog in turn light, reduce vibration, balance. ( 4) Air purification disinfection machine at work, it is forbidden to make the object or hand close to disinfection machine at the inlet and outlet of the draft, when transporting, loading and unloading shall be to prevent the product hard knock or fall on the ground, have serious consequences. ( 5) In strict accordance with the disinfection machine manual installation and operation, pay attention to electricity safety. Without the guidance, training, read the instructions or ordered to, is strictly prohibited to remember. ( 6) Monthly check screen pack, according to the specification unravel into wind panels, screen pack, with water or clean with neutral detergent water, it is forbidden to use the brush and other metal cleaning tools scrub, water temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, in order to avoid deformation, in the cold air after washing clean, dry after installation according to the original road, change the filter every year. Clean and replace filter for record. We have known something about the daily maintenance of medical air disinfection machine, then we understand the medical air sterilizer daily use notice: 1. Instruction manual is to retain in the department, not lost, in strict accordance with the manual operation. 2. Since this product is air purification disinfection machine, only in the light of the disinfection of air pests and processing, so should pay attention to the processing of surface dust in daily life. In order to avoid the disinfection of high density, must prevent surface dust sanitization, avoid inhaling air purification disinfection machine, thus reduce air quality. 3. Appropriate static disinfection can be used once a week, the purpose is to improve the sterilization effect. Dynamic disinfection: the purpose is to control and reduce human activities on the environment in the process of secondary pollution of the air. In general staff activities conducted during rush hours. Simple introduction, hope to be able to help users, the most important thing is in use, experience. Then upload, can have own experience exchanges together, share together. Those are small make up personal feeling. Thank you for reading!
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