Confirmed case of yellow fever in China _ for medical care have to prevent the spread of the virus

by:Funglan     2020-11-21
Ebola virus causes are flawed, chandrasekhar virus heated debate all over the world, a wave not flat, a wave. Yellow fever virus, although not as good as he virus vaccine, but if not treated promptly also be deadly. Yesterday, the world health organization (who) clinical expert group members, party secretary of Shanghai public health clinical center, hong-zhou lu interpretation, the culprit is aedes aegypti, yellow fever fortunately, Shanghai do not monitor to aedes aegypti. Relative to the village card virus, can prevent yellow fever, already have yellow fever vaccine. It is known that the yellow fever patients only 32 years old, years of doing business in the capital, luanda, this place recent yellow fever outbreak. This patient last Tuesday in luanda fever, the highest temperature is 39. On March 9, 3 ℃, via dubai, by plane on March 10, arrived in Beijing at 2 in the morning, take the initiative to directly to the hospital. At present, the liver and kidney function damage the patient, illness, treatment is actively. The incubation period of yellow fever in 3 ~ 6 days. Most of the infected symptom is lighter, can only characterized by fever, headache, and mild proteinuria, days that is restored. Heavy patients only occurs in about 15% of cases. The course can be divided into four period. 1. Hurry up the infectious period high fever with chills, severe headache and body pain, obvious weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. Patients with irritable, conjunctival congestion, flush on the face and neck. Heart rate and fever parallel, later to relative bradycardia. This period lasts about 3 days, the virus in the blood reached the high drop, became the source of infection of mosquito. The final can have mild jaundice, proteinuria. 2. Partial or complete remission fever subsided, symptoms, last several hours to 24 hours. 3. Repetition period fever and symptoms of poisoning, and more heavy. Effects of this period recedes, liver, kidney, cardiovascular function damage and bleeding symptoms. Marked increase serum bilirubin and prothrombin time extended, the degree of proteinuria, oliguria and nitrogen qualitative hematic disease and illness is proportional to the. This outstanding symptoms of serious bleeding such as gum bleeding, nose bleeding, blotchy skin mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and uterine bleeding, etc. Heart often expand, bradycardia, heart sounds, lower blood pressure. Often accompanied by dehydration, acidosis, serious occurrence delirium, coma, anuresis, intractable hiccups, massive hematemesis, shock, etc. This period for 3 ~ 4 days or two weeks. Often die within 7 ~ 10 days. 4. Recovery temperature dropped to normal. Symptoms and proteinuria gradually disappeared, but weak sustainable 1 ~ 2 weeks or longer. This period still need to closely observe the heart condition, individual cases can be death from arrhythmia or heart failure. Survival cases usually without sequelae. Experts think, yellow fever, belongs to the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, mainly through the aedes mosquitoes infection; Beijing no aedes aegypti and aedes mosquitoes do not belong to China mainly distribution areas, the current Beijing temperature is low, did not enter the mosquito-borne active period. As a result, the input cases spread and further the spread of the risk is extremely low. Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes acute infectious disease, the disease spread mainly - Aedes aegypti. . . People, mainly in the tropical regions of South America and Africa. No cases have been reported, before the Asian region. The disease mainly characterized by fever, jaundice, bleeding, etc. After infection, about 5% 20% of clinical symptoms, few appear severe and death. No specific treatment for yellow fever at present, mainly symptomatic treatment and support treatment, vaccine is one of the most important prevention and control measures. CDC experts remind that yellow fever vaccine used for current prevention and vaccination attenuated yellow fever 17 d preparation of vaccine, can effectively prevent yellow fever virus infection. Antibodies in 7 - after inoculation 10 days appear, for at least 30 - 35 years. Advice is true for all living or travel to affected areas exposed to dangerous 9 months of age and older to active immunization. Tourists to travel to a yellow fever prevalent area should raise awareness and take anti-mosquito measures such as insect repellent, long-sleeved clothes, prevent infection and enter overseas yellow fever, once appear suspicious symptoms, should take the initiative to see a doctor and will travel history told the doctor.
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