Congratulations on hvac association of guangdong province in 2016 the second session of the council

by:Funglan     2020-11-07
Environment in January 2016 by guangdong province hvac association director unit, we will work in the association, actively fulfill their duties, services for the association members. Our company research and development of independent innovation of semiconductor air sterilizer has the domestic and international leading technology, products of high safety, stable performance, the sterilization effect is good, has been recognized by the height of the domestic industry customers and has a good reputation. Hvac association leadership to our company on-the-spot investigation, have given the full affirmation and high praise, can get industry authorities to such a high degree of recognition and evaluation, it is the glory for, also hope to be able to take this opportunity to more fully involved in the air environment, for our country the rapid development of air environmental protection industry make its own contribution. On May 14, 2016, to undertake the hvac association of guangdong province 'in 2016, the second session of the council, and a complete success. General assembly on the same day, association unit, vice President of units, supervisors, director of the unit were present at the meeting, beg association development work together to talk about. By the President gave the commencement address, and the meeting Jane surgery in a state of mind, then read the detailed working conference, by the secretary general, meeting the development plan and revised Suggestions were put forward, and share the improvement suggestion deng, vice President of the association. To the interactive link, association leaders are talking about their opinions, Suggestions, for the future development of the society to lay a good foundation. As the host of ring technology is more enthusiastic reception, provide close service to all the time, let everybody feel fully the strong corporate culture. And to show the central air conditioning air purifying device core parts and air sterilizer production assembly line. Wonderful together see below meeting: : xu, chairman of the speech, secretary general of the speaking environment thanks always introduce interactive link association meeting leaders share advice to visit air sterilizer production line assembly members pose for hvac industry leaders and members of the trust to the environment; Thanks to all friends support product believe technology; Thank all help and all the employees. Let's get together to celebrate the guangdong association of hvac the second meeting of the 2016 a complete success!
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