Correct selection of sterilization artifact to ensure the healthy growth of children

by:Funglan     2020-10-15
Correct choose sterilization artifact to ensure the healthy growth of children recently ultraviolet lamp the attack has aroused the concern of the parents don't, we all know that uv light radiation, light intensity action; But such events have inadvertently often happen; Whose fault is this? Strange school, blame, blame the child; These are not. Whose fault is that? Who are not wrong, wrong also in lack of safety consciousness. So how to correctly select safe air sterilizer is the key people in various fields, the following us know attainments in the field of environmental science and technology in air disinfector, how to protect the baby healthy growth. With increased awareness of health, the more the baby to create a good environment to grow, & other; Clean & throughout; Two words are mothers mentioned the height of the unbounded. Towels, diapers, clothes to use special detergent cleaning; Quilts and other bedding should be always in the sun insolates antivirus; Baby nursing bottle and bowl spoon to use hot water to wash hot, as long as it is children's access to things, mothers who wish to keep everything clean and no pollution. As a result, the baby supplies & other; Disinfection & throughout; Also would become the mother of common words. And mention disinfection, many mothers with traditional boiling hot disinfection method. But this method is not good control, and is suitable for high temperature above 120 ℃ baby supplies. For plastic bottle, for example, repeatedly with boiling water scalding may release harmful substances, and glass bottles quenching heat leads to burst; In addition, the pacifier if boiled hot time is too long, will not only accelerate the aging, the surface will appear pores residual bacteria, time is too short, can not completely kill the germs. Baby supplies and wide range, a separate classification disinfection is the rhythm of tired lie prone. Obviously, this is not the ideal way of disinfection. How can I to the baby supplies for effective and safe disinfection? Baby products can choose disinfector, but the indoor air pollution, we can choose air disinfection machine. Use ultraviolet light to bacteria, viruses and other organisms kill or make it cannot reproduce, good is good but you need to design a special case to encapsulate it, so it is also a kind of choice; Now developed a ternary semiconductor integrated air disinfector, removable kindergarten air sterilizer; On staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella and other bacteria sterilization rate of 100%. Plasma sterilization technology is different from other chemical disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection, it belongs to physical disinfection, with environmental protection, safe, rapid, efficient, no secondary pollution. Wide range of USES, use cycle is long, even the baby grow up, will not be idle. Because the probability of pathogenic bacteria is as high as 80%. Baby living environment, and articles for daily use of disinfection and sterilization is particularly important, it has become compulsory course for every mother, air disinfection purification to/V1; Environment will help my mother do the work, protect the good baby, let the baby away from bacteria, germs, harass! Notable is, because now many young parents are workers, many of them, please the old man took the child in the home, kindergarten air sterilizer controlled by computer a key decay, easy operation, the operation accessibility. Have learned and after-sales promise, let's see environment after-sales service commitment: 1. According to your requirements to provide you with any professional and the price consulting, and send the product information by email or mail the samples and related information to you, if you have any questions may at any time telephone communication. 2. Customers will buy any product free warranty for one year, life-long maintenance. Warranty equipment malfunction and accessories damage ( Human factors and force majeure factors except) , my company free repair free of charge, need to change the parts provided by my company free of charge ( Except for consumable) 。 After the warranty period, according to the actual maintenance cost only when maintenance fee. 3. Every year to return to all users, and provide technical support services at any time. 4. Both new customers and old customers, whether the amount of size, we are all same, all equal. 5. My company and guarantee the quality assurance in strict accordance with the provisions of the contract, complete each work, time keeping, and provide customers with a variety of services, such as safety knowledge, equipment installation, equipment use training and other services. 6. Since the date of the purchase customers may at any time to attend various technical training course for free. 7. After-sales service response time: when I received my user repair service company and after-sales engineer repair clear reply in 2 hours, the users themselves can't solve the problems such as equipment, our company will be arranged in 24 - after-sales engineers 48 hours to reach the site equipment to solve the problem, 300 km reach 72 hours.
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