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by:Funglan     2020-10-16
Small make up take you share processing bridal chamber air pollution life common sense, with air disinfection machine work? We all know that there are many environmental protection material to sell on the market, the real environmental protection? We take a look at, standard material is refers to the harmful material release quantity is lower than the national standard, such as formaldehyde release of man-made board and its products regulations of the state of the mandatory national standards to is every to rise not more than 1 in the air. 5 mg. But if the same material in a certain area of a large number of accumulation, the harmful material also is cumulative, finally is likely to cause excessive decorate good house harmful object. Learned, indoor use a lot of the same plate, makes the formaldehyde chroma and live for a long time can cause the people body appeared different degree of the symptom such as dizziness, nausea. Experts suggest that domestic bedroom decorate should give priority to with practical, simple, excessive decorate superimposed effect of easy to cause pollution. Excessive from an environmental point of view, in fact it is not necessary to decorate, under the new laid of real wood floor and spread a layer of joinery board, if the bedding in the lower level of joinery board quality problems, the poisonous and harmful gas such as formaldehyde will spread through the upper floor of real wood, release. At that time, whether to replace or dismantled, the cost of consumer spending will be high. If you have finished or want to prevent the harm of formaldehyde, can consider to buy air disinfection machine. To make indoor air exchange rate, reduce indoor, the better the effect of the pollutants. Strengthen ventilated take a breath, air purification disinfection machine to dilute the indoor air pollutants release the fresh air, lower the concentration of poisonous and harmful gases, improve indoor air quality. In addition to formaldehyde, from building decoration materials used in a large number of chemical materials, such as paint, solvent, thinner, benzene series of adhesive material, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, long-term sucks in air from the high concentration of benzene, easy cause the chronic benzene poisoning cause allergic dermatitis, laryngeal edema and platelet decline, serious still can cause aplastic anemia. It is understood that the formaldehyde release period is generally in more than five years, the longest for 15 years, the release of benzene content period is 6 months to 1 year. Ventilation half an year does not make completely volatilize harmful substances, and most people in the new house decorate good after ventilation often move in less than three months. Some people believe that green plants at home, is a tool to purify indoor air. In fact, the characteristics of plant role is slow, time is long, and the adsorption amount of decomposition is very limited, for a large quantity of decorate a bedroom, its effect is almost negligible. And some flowers for indoors, cordate telosma at night will send out a massive particles stimulate the sense of smell, can make the patients with high blood pressure and heart felt dizzy, depressed, and even illness; Chinese rose aroma some causes of chest discomfort, breath and breathing difficulties; Oleander can secrete a kind of milky white liquid, contact time grows, can make the person poisoning cause drowsiness, the symptom such as mental decline. can quickly efficient broad-spectrum sterilization, efficient antivirus, efficient purification, formaldehyde purification rate is as high as 99. 9%, toluene purification rate is as high as 99. Purification rate is 99 97%, virus. Particle purification rate, ammonia purification rate 98%, 96% and 99%, ozone concentration is 0. The euro ( mg/m3) 99, radon gas purification rate. 4%, and so on, so the air sterilization machine is the key to solve the harm such as formaldehyde, toluene. company to independent innovation as the theme, to enhance investment in technology research and development, to improve technical independent innovation ability, grasp core technology of products, enhance product market competitiveness, the company has known a deep air disinfection purification experts and professional engaged in disinfection of air purification product research and development of science and technology personnel. Developed with independent intellectual property rights, innovative and practical type of a new generation of oxygen air disinfection purification products, effective supplementary oxygen levels in indoor air, to solve the original old disinfection purification products, because of the old product working dizziness caused by oxygen and not fit for the problem. Products by statutory authorities detection, natural bacteria in indoor air death rate was 91. 5%, the purification efficiency & ge; 90%. Products by the guangdong health and family planning commission issued by the on-site audit and disinfection products production enterprises hygiene license, core technology and own air sterilizer & ndash; - Products won the national practical new patents. Let every customer use & other; ” Products, have & other; The only & throughout; Enjoy a comfortable, healthy working environment, a breath of fresh air.
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