Depth understanding of air handling units and air disinfector what is the relationship?

by:Funglan     2020-11-02
We often wrote before, and talked about the central air conditioning and ventilation system, pipeline, type suction a top, wall, etc. , so everyone will understand some related product information, so small make up today to depth understanding of air handling unit together with everybody have to do with the air sterilizer? First of all, we know what is the air handling unit? Air handling unit is to point to: central air handling systems, is a kind of stems from a set of equipment, through the duct distribution of heated air forced air heating and ventilation system, part of fan, heater, cooler and filter components. The main installation in the end of the central air conditioning, air disinfector for air disinfection purification. Air handling unit simple workflow: outdoor fresh air mixed with the interior part of the return air flow came in, after air disinfection purification plant, processing of the dust in the air, dust, soot and other harmful substances, to eliminate the formaldehyde, toluene, chlorine gas and purify the air, ammonia and other harmful gas. Air handling units combined with air disinfector using what is better? Can not only refrigeration and heating, but also disinfection purification. Let's look at modular air handling units, and what are the characteristics? First good heat preservation, reduce the air leakage rate, the second multi-function combination choose strong sex, maintenance is convenient, the last is filtering disinfection device can choose. Is due to the combination, so the air purification disinfection device can be chosen according to the actual demand and purchasing. In short, we are choosing air purification disinfection device is going to want, this can do? How to install? Related to confusion? At this point we look at the picture, may feel is not so difficult thing: as air pollution, fog weather has been spreading. Since then also need to upgrade the traditional central air conditioners, air cannot be redeemed, so we will ensure the safety of living environment. Outdoor air will enter indoor, we need to take action at this moment, trying to enter the harmful material in indoor air and harmful gas. So what should we do? Small make up feel in the air conditioning unit installed in the air disinfection purification plant is a kind of choice. Environmental science and technology is a professional research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the air disinfection machine manufacturers. For air handling units installed air purification disinfection device has a wealth of experience, professional design and product. As shown in figure: we hope our living environment is getting better and better, the cold winter season, dress warm warm, road surface wet easy to slip, pay attention to travel safety. Also hope you everything goes well with good health and a happy and peace! Thank you for reading!
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