Different ways of using the soot purifier!

by:Funglan     2022-01-15
The smoke and dust purifier adopts multiple filtration systems, and the purification efficiency is as high as 99.97%. It can deal with the production line soldering fumes, laser processing fumes; odor purification such as glue, spraying, etc., is a good helper for industrial waste gas treatment. Under normal circumstances, when using a fume purifier, the fume and dust exhaust gas produced by the processing is passed through the pipeline and sucked into the inside of the purifier from the air inlet. After purification, it reaches the indoor emission standard and is discharged from the air outlet to complete the purification process. However, there are also some special working conditions that need to inject clean air. In such an occasion, can a fume purifier be used? When purifying the exhaust gas, the smoke and dust purifier adopts a point-to-point method, and when the smoke is generated, it is sucked away. This can easily give people the illusion that the purification area of u200bu200bthe purifier is too small. In fact, each smoke and dust purifier can be used as an independent indoor air purifier. The super suction fan and ultra-fine filtration system can purify indoor air efficiently. Just considering the noise value, appearance and other aspects, there are very few smoke and dust purification series. For extensive purification. However, when encountering the above-mentioned working conditions that need to inject clean air, this characteristic of the purifier can be used. The indoor air is inhaled through the air inlet, and after internal purification, it can be transported to the station equipment through the air outlet pipeline. The smoke and dust purification series adopts H13 high-efficiency filtration, and the one-time purification efficiency can reach 99.97%, which is comparable to laminar flow purification.
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