Do air purifiers not only purify the air but also the mind?

by:Funglan     2022-05-05

With the frequent occurrence of smog and various indoor pollution, air purifiers have become a vital member in life. Because, a person has at least one dream, there is a reason to be strong, if the heart does not have a place to live, it will be wandering everywhere. And that habitat is our family. The most important element in a home is not how brilliant it is, but whether the air in the courtyard is clean. And the air purifier is to purify the air in your court. When the air is good, the habitat of your soul will be better, and naturally your soul will also be purified.

Winter is the last season of the year. It is also the most polluted season. This season everything begins to wither. It was as if the whole world was sleeping. Air pollution has seized this opportunity. In addition, the sound of firecrackers in the sky made it even worse. So we are always looking forward to spring, looking forward to her grass growing and warbler flying, silk sash fluttering the embankment, looking forward to her thousand trees and flowers, blue waves ripples, looking forward to her orchid cymbidium, moisturizing things like crisp; looking forward to her spring full of colors The garden is as red as rain. I don't know if it will be the same this year, because the winter season is still coming to an end. But the smog still hasn't dissipated.

Many people think that it will be a matter of time before the smog disperses, so why should everyone worry about it? This idea was wrong from the start. If you still think about problems and solve problems with this kind of thinking, it will only make the problem more complicated. What's more, the air pollutants that endanger our lives are not only smog. Even if there is no smog, we have to improve the quality of indoor air. It's not that you want people to spend money unjustly, but it's better to take precautions when solving problems than to make amends.

There are so many air purifiers on the market, why use an air purifier?

As far as the air purifier GL-8138 is concerned, first of all, it has the functions of multiple purification and multiple selection, which makes the air released by purification more fresh. And with temperature and humidity sensor display, and equipped with odor sensor features, dust filter. Air quality will be monitored in real time. Ensure air quality usage. The specific performance features and product features are as follows:

Functional features:

1. Real-time monitoring of air quality, the machine will work automatically.

2. Efficient removal of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases, and odor removal.

3. Real-time monitoring of active oxygen, automatic control of the concentration of active oxygen released by the machine, so that the indoor air is always in a healthy state.

4. Ultraviolet sterilization can kill various microorganisms, including propagules, spores, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

5. Pre-filter, formaldehyde filter, activated carbon filter, high-efficiency HEPA network, four-layer high-efficiency filtration.

6. A high amount of negative ions can quickly absorb harmful substances, promote human metabolism and improve immunity.


Easy to operate: One machine can be used in different spaces, which can be selected by consumers.

Durable: The ozone tube is imported with original packaging and has stable performance.

Novel design: beautiful shape, generous, easy to move; no interference, does not affect work and rest.

Safe and reliable: ozone sterilization, eliminating secondary pollution, leaving no hidden dangers.

Advocating fashion: green environmental protection, fresh air, free breathing, healthy and fashionable.

Facing the aldehyde haze in the city. I believe that everyone may yearn for a rural life, because where there is fresh air and green rice fields. There are also small bridges running water and wild flowers everywhere. Everything is so poetic. But this is only written imagination. At present, there are very few villages with such an environment. Air purifiers are naturally impossible to bring rural fresh air. But it can protect your breathing health. It is an important hub for you to create a harmonious and happy family picture.

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