Do you know these features of PM2.5?

by:Funglan     2022-01-15
PM2.5 is the most common term nowadays. We all know it represents air quality and even smog. So what exactly is PM2.5? The physicochemical characteristics of PM2.5 include concentration, particle size, chemical composition, aggregation characteristics of particles, persistence, solubility, etc. PM2.5 is the concentration of particulate matter in the air with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns. Its chemical components are mainly nitrogen, sulfur and other oxides, aromatic hydrocarbons and so on. The aggregation of fine particles is easier to adsorb free metal ions, etc. The smaller the particle size of PM2.5 particles, the easier it is to stay in the human body. The longer the retention time, the longer the removal time is required. hazard. How is indoor PM2.5 formed? There are two ways: One is the primary particles that are directly discharged in solid form, mainly from fuel combustion, smoking, and particulate matter entering indoors from outdoors. The other is secondary particles generated by gaseous chemical reactions, mainly secondary fine particles such as sulfates and nitrates formed by heterogeneous chemical reactions. PM2.5 will cause irreversible and serious damage to the human body. Therefore, indoor PM2.5 purification is very necessary. Commercial air purifier, the PM2.5 purification efficiency reaches 99.99, within 30s of booting, the PM2.5 value at the air outlet can be as low as and maintained below 2, which is your first choice for indoor air quality improvement.
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