Do you really know medical air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2021-03-26
The working principle of medical air disinfection machine, medical air sterilizer is a kind of electronic medical equipment, generally we say that the air disinfection machine is medical. Air disinfection machines are also divided into many types, such as ultraviolet, ozone, plasma, etc., there are so many medical disinfection machines, and the working principles of medical air disinfection machines can also be different.   Before choosing an air disinfector brand, you need to know the basic functions of the disinfection machine. For example, many hospitals cannot set aside a period of time for special disinfection of a room because of time. Therefore, hospitals generally require disinfection functions to coexist with man and machine. Regarding the coexistence of human and machine disinfection functions, the editor of centralized oxygen supply equipment would like to remind all customers in this industry who have been vowed to ensure the coexistence of human and machine, because the air disinfection machine uses ultraviolet rays and ozone to disinfect. When the disinfection machine is working, it will more or less affect the human body. Generally, one or two hours is not a big problem.   What is the working principle of the medical air disinfection machine? The electronic disinfection machine of the centralized oxygen supply equipment can remotely control the switch of the disinfection machine, and there are primary, medium and small filters to remove odors. When the odor is removed initially, there is composite active carbon to remove odors for the second time. This time it will be more thorough.   If the room with an air disinfection machine is well ventilated, the strong wind can also flow through the fan for circulating air. The filter of the disinfection machine can filter dust and inhibit bacteria through the nano-phototouch filter, and can send a part of the pollutants to purify the indoor air, while the air disinfection machine marked with ultraviolet rays naturally enhances its device and can ensure efficient sterilization.
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