Do you support setting up smoking rooms in public places?

by:Funglan     2022-01-25
Recently, the 'Chongqing Municipal Regulations on Smoking Control in Public Places (Draft)' has been solicited for public comments, and it is proposed to allow restaurants, hotels, KTVs and other entertainment venues to set up 'indoor smoking rooms'. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the setting of smoking rooms is not conducive to ventilation, and smoking in smoking rooms increases the risk of infection and transmission of new coronary pneumonia. Do you support setting up smoking rooms in public entertainment venues? A few days ago, the Social Investigation Center of China Youth Daily launched a poll on the official Weibo account of China Youth Daily, 'Do you support setting up smoking rooms in public entertainment places?' 1,958 Weibo users participated. The data shows that 61.3% of the netizens who participated in the voting agreed with the establishment of smoking rooms, believing that the establishment of indoor smoking rooms is an improvement of public service capabilities. Mr. Liu, who is 30 years old in a shopping mall, said that he has a few friends who love smoking. He believes that it is better to be less blocked than to avoid smoking in a comprehensive way. However, one-size-fits-all implementation may not be effective, and it is closely related to management. 'For example, some People can't help but want to smoke in public places. If there is a smoking room, he will consciously go there to smoke. If there is no smoking room and the management is not in place, he may directly smoke. Everyone is a friend, and he is too embarrassed to stop it. guilty'. Some netizens said that since the country has not completely banned the sale of cigarettes, it is reasonable to set up smoking areas, and more efforts should be made to manage those who do not smoke in the designated smoking areas.
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