Does the medical air sterilizer have radiation? Is the hospital air sterilizer harmful to the human body?

by:Funglan     2021-03-03
Does the medical air disinfection machine have radiation? Is the hospital air disinfection machine harmful to the human body?    Does the medical air disinfection machine have radiation?    First of all, clarify the concept that any electrical appliance has radiation. The greater the power, the greater the radiation. For example, like mobile phones, computers, induction cookers, you can wear a radiation protection suit, put more green plants in the room, and open windows and doors to allow air circulation. Secondly, medical air sterilizers, plasma, and ozone are not under discussion. Generally speaking, ultraviolet sterilizers and ultraviolet sterilizers are discussed. Ultraviolet rays are a commonly used disinfection light. This light has a coagulation effect on skin proteins, but it has no effect on the fetus. harm.   Finally, this air disinfection machine has no radiation. Generally, the radiation of things not connected to wifi is relatively small. If even the air disinfection machine has to worry about radiation, otherwise all electrical appliances such as the TV, air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator and so on in the home will be removed. Is air disinfection machine harmful to humans  Is air disinfection machine harmful to humans   I searched the Internet and found the following answer  Answer 1:   If the UV or ozone air disinfection machine works, it will produce a lot of ozone, which is harmful to the human body. Now there is a new technology-plasma disinfection and sterilization. Our hospital uses this latest technology. The measured ozone content is extremely low, which is harmless to the human body and equipment. Suppliers are in CHENGDU City, SICHUAN Province. Those who are interested can search their official website. Answer 2:    Air disinfection is normally UV and ozone disinfection. These two samples are not harmful when the body is small, but the amount to achieve the disinfection effect is definitely not small, so under normal circumstances, the general use requirements are that no one It is used in the environment, and people can enter it after disinfection. Answer 3:    is not harmful to the human body! The disinfection factor of the AOJIE air disinfection machine is the plasma air disinfection machine. Answer 4:    This depends on the specific environment. If the ambient air quality on site is poor It should be better to use the sterilizer. But artificial things are definitely not as good as natural ones. So a good environment is very important. Go to more trees and more mountains. These should be better than disinfection machines!    Answer 5:    This depends on what disinfection the machine is used for. The one in my home doesn't have it.  Answer 6:   No  Answer 7:   No, it depends on the price and quality. If it is extremely poor, there will be   Summary:    Whether the air sterilizer is harmful to people depends on the type of machine. 1. If it is a plasma or ultraviolet air disinfection machine, it can coexist with man and machine, and there is no harm;    2. If it is an ozone disinfection machine, people need to leave the disinfection space during disinfection, because the ozone is instantaneously high during disinfection, no less than 10ppm In the symptom irritation zone, people will have dry mouth, cough and other reactions at this concentration. Generally, when they leave the ozone zone and return to nature, the above symptoms will disappear quickly. 'Ozone has been used for more than 100 years, and there has not been a single ozone poisoning incident in the world.' Ozone is easily decomposed, and the half-life in the air is 16 minutes.
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