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by:Funglan     2021-03-01
Shaanxi Domestic Sewage Treatment Station Project-Wastewater Treatment Technology-Henan Wastewater Treatment Engineering Company [] is the general contractor of the 'Shaanxi Domestic Sewage Treatment Project' treatment plan design, domestic wastewater treatment project construction drawing design and construction plan design, domestic sewage treatment pond civil construction A professional sewage treatment engineering company integrating construction, domestic wastewater treatment equipment installation, domestic wastewater treatment commissioning and after-sales service. Jinhuaxin gives priority to the quality of domestic sewage treatment projects. The company has domestic sewage treatment in Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi and other regions. The project has a good reputation and high recognition. The domestic wastewater passes through the grid well to remove the suspended matter and floating matter in the wastewater to avoid clogging the pipeline, and then flows into the regulating tank by itself. The domestic wastewater is adjusted in the tank to adjust the water quality and quantity to reduce the load of subsequent treatment. The sewage in the regulating tank is passed through the sewage The lift pump enters the anoxic tank and the membrane biological reaction tank for microbial adsorption and decomposition to remove pollutants in the water body. In the anoxic tank, the denitrifying bacteria use the organic matter in the sewage as a carbon source to reduce the large amount of NO3-N and NO2-N brought in the reflux mixture into N2 and release it into the air. Therefore, the BOD5 concentration continues to decrease, and NOx-N The concentration dropped drastically. In the membrane biological reaction tank, organic matter is biochemically degraded by microorganisms, and continues to decline; organic nitrogen is ammonified and then nitrified, so that the concentration of NH3-N decreases significantly, but with the nitrification process, the concentration of NO3-N increases, while P increases with The excessive intake of phosphorous accumulating bacteria also decreased at a faster rate. The membrane bioreactor (MBR) process is a newly emerging and rapidly developing water treatment technology in the world. Its characteristic is the organic and efficient combination of activated sludge method and membrane separation technology. The membrane separation technology replaces the secondary settling tank in the activated sludge method. , Perform solid-liquid separation. A membrane module and aeration system are arranged in the reaction tank. The membrane module is composed of hollow fiber membranes. The pore size of the membrane is 0.1~0.2μm, which is smaller than the diameter of bacteria. It belongs to the micro/ultrafiltration membrane level. It can effectively intercept and remove bacteria in the water and reduce Subsequent dosage of disinfectant. In the reaction tank, the concentration of activated sludge intercepted by the micro/ultrafiltration membrane is as high as 4000-8000mg/l. Therefore, the activated sludge organic loading rate is low, 0.1-0.2kgBOD/KgMLSS. d. The sludge is in the late stage of decelerating growth and the early stage of endogenous respiration, and the organic matter in the sewage can be completely and effectively degraded; the sludge growth rate is low, and the amount of remaining sludge is small, so there is no need to consider the settling performance of sludge and worry about sludge loss It can ensure that it is carried out under low sludge load; the effective retention of microorganisms by the membrane makes the generation cycle of activated sludge long, and MBR can realize the complete separation of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT), It can intercept macromolecular organics that are difficult to degrade for a while, extend their residence time in the reactor, and maximize the oxidation and decomposition of the supernatant. The concentration of COD, BOD5, ammonia nitrogen and other pollutants is low, which is conducive to obtaining high-quality effluent. The MBR effluent is lifted to the disinfection tank by a lift pump, and chlorine dioxide is used to kill fecal E. coli and other pathogens in the water, and then flows into the clean tank for reuse by the owner. Click to view u003eu003eu003eMedical air sterilizer│Ultraviolet air disinfection machine││Plasma air purification disinfection machine Click to view u003eu003eu003eWastewater treatment project│Sewage treatment project│Sewage treatment project│Wastewater treatment engineering company
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