Dynamic air disinfection machine manufacturer-'’Ultraviolet air disinfection machine escorts food safety

by:Funglan     2021-03-02
Jiangxi dynamic air disinfection machine manufacturer-'Ultraviolet air disinfection machine escorts food safety' brand ultraviolet air disinfection machine * dynamic air sterilizer is a kind of air purification and disinfection products that can operate in a human environment. When purifying and disinfecting the air in the production workshop of a food and beverage factory, the operator does not need to leave the production workshop, that is, under the coexistence of man and machine, it kills bacteria, mold and other microorganisms in the air of the production workshop. UV air disinfection machine [Air disinfection and purification machine] has the advantages of green, environmental protection, side effects, etc., and can guarantee the air quality in the production workshops of food and beverage factories, and improve the quality of food.. How can food and beverage factories prevent more effectively in the process of food and beverage production and processing? The content of microorganisms in food and beverage does not exceed the relevant national standards? Microbial contamination in the production and processing of food and beverage factories, including internal pollution of food and beverage and external pollution of food and beverage: 1. Processing process of food and beverage factory production workshop The internal pollution of food and beverage in China refers to the microbial pollution carried by the food and beverage raw materials. 2. The external food pollution during the production and processing of the food and beverage factory workshop refers to the secondary pollution in the production process, that is, the equipment used in production, production Microbial pollution caused by the workshop air environment, production operators, etc.    mobile dynamic air disinfection machine-intelligent dynamic air disinfection machine, has been used in many food and beverage factories across the country. UV air disinfection machine (air disinfection purifier) Customers include: bakery food companies, meat product processing plants, beverage plants, aquatic product deep processing plants, canning companies, dairy products and other food and beverage manufacturers. Free design for food and beverage plants with UV air disinfection machine installation drawings for food and beverage workshops, It also designs air purification and disinfection technology solutions for food and beverage plants for food and beverage plants. Ultraviolet air disinfection machine-sensing intelligent dynamic air disinfection machine helps food safety, protects food and beverage plants production workshops away from microbial pollution, and improves air quality in food production workshops. It has made an indelible contribution to promoting the development of the food and beverage processing industry.   For more mobile UV air disinfection machines (dynamic air disinfection machines), please see: Wall-mounted (wall-mounted, wall-mounted) UV air disinfection machines (dynamic) ], mobile (hand-push type, trolley type) ultraviolet air disinfection machine (dynamic air sterilizer), vertical cabinet type (vertical, cabinet type) mobile dynamic purification and disinfection machine (dynamic air disinfection machine), ceiling Type (ceiling type, ceiling type, embedded) mobile dynamic air disinfection machine [dynamic air disinfection machine] and other styles, the style is complete, there is always one suitable for you. UV air sterilizer [air disinfection purifier] suitable for food Used in the production workshop of the beverage factory, it has the advantages of strong sterilization, thorough disinfection, no dead ends, larger scope of application, and intelligent operation. It can also be operated under human conditions. Continuous air purification and disinfection can better prevent secondary food Pollution and multiple operation modes ensure food production safety.
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