Dynamic air disinfection machine manufacturers for kindergartens-what are the air purification and disinfection machines for kindergartens

by:Funglan     2021-03-13
Manufacturers of dynamic air disinfection machines for kindergartens-which children are more susceptible to colds and illnesses? Many children's acute respiratory infections are related to indoor air pollution. The kindergarten is a place where children gather, so the indoor environment of the kindergarten should be paid attention to. The indoor air pollution in the kindergarten needs to be prevented in advance. The installation and use of the kindergarten dynamic air disinfection machine * air purification disinfection machine * can not only gradually improve the kindergarten indoor environment, but also It can also protect the health of the children. The kindergarten uses a dynamic air disinfection machine * air purification disinfection machine * to bring fresh air to the kindergarten children! Faced with various childhood diseases that air pollution may cause, how can we improve the indoor air quality in kindergartens? 1. Eliminate pollution sources in kindergartens. 2. Circulate the air in kindergartens. 3. Purify the air in kindergartens. We must use effective methods to improve the air quality in kindergartens. Among them, it is a good choice to install and use dynamic air disinfection machine and air purification disinfection machine. The dynamic air disinfection machine for kindergartens developed and produced *Air purification disinfection machine* can not only kill staphylococcus albicans ≥99.9%, kill natural bacteria in the air ≥90%, but also have dust removal, sterilization, In addition to odor, in addition to harmful gases and other functions. The dynamic air disinfection machine* for kindergartens meets the requirements of the “Disinfection Technical Specifications” of the Ministry of Health. At present, more and more kindergartens have installed and used disinfection machines. Dynamic air disinfection machine for kindergarten *Air purification disinfection machine* from the installation method is divided into: wall-mounted (wall-mounted, wall-mounted, hanging), cart (mobile, hand-push), cabinet (vertical) Type, cabinet type), ceiling type (ceiling type, ceiling type, recessed type) and other product categories, kindergarten use dynamic air disinfection machine * air purification disinfection machine * from the disinfection factor is divided into: ultraviolet dynamic air disinfection machine, Plasma dynamic air disinfection machine (alias multifunctional dynamic air sterilizer) and other product categories. Dynamic air disinfection machine for kindergarten * air purification disinfection machine * is divided into product categories from the air volume: 800m3/h, 1000m3/h, 1300m3/h, 1500m3/h, etc. Dynamic air disinfection machine for kindergarten*Air purification disinfection machine* is divided into product classification according to applicable volume: 80m3, 100m3, 120m3, 150m3, etc. Keywords of this site: | Dynamic air disinfection machine | Ultraviolet air disinfection machine | Plasma air disinfection machine | Medical air disinfection machine
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