Dynamic plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine technology principle

by:Funglan     2020-11-05
Dynamic plasma wall-mounted air sterilizer technology principle, plasma wall-mounted air sterilizer patent technology principle and the characteristics: the fan fault alarm function; Automatic memory, automatic operation function; Early effect, effect of composite filter technology; Apply to dry class II and class III hospital environment; Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, indoor air fresh; Choose any area, timing, and automatically run mode; Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, indoor air fresh; Choose any area, timing, and automatically run mode; The main tube failure, the standby lamp automatically supporting functions; Low noise, large cycle air volume, high, medium and low three gears choice; Application of micro control and sensing technology, intelligent automatic product realization; Safe, effective, no pollution, some conditions for disinfection purification; New style, luxury microcomputer screen, the function status be clear at a glance; Plasma high voltage static electric field and ultraviolet photocatalytic technology, rapid aseptic, vacuuming, high purification efficiency; Patents: three yuan one semiconductor technology and plasma air sterilization machine, fast in addition to bacteria, dust absorption, high purification efficiency. Second, wall-mounted air sterilizer performance parameters: name said VBY - type number type B - 800 dynamic plasma wall-mounted air disinfection machine maximum circulation air ( m3 / h) Applicable room volume (800 m3) 80 - 100 purification efficiency ( To zero. 5μ M particle concentration, / / m3) %≥ 99 noise [ db( A) ] ≤ 50 uv lamp life ( H) ≥ 8000 ultraviolet leakage ( μ w/c㎡ ) ≤ 5 the ozone concentration ( mg/m3) ≤ 0. 08 ionization device working voltage ( Kv) ± 5. 0 ~ 10. Rated power input (0 VA) ≤ 90 - environmental temperature and humidity 5℃~ 45℃勒; HR supply voltage and frequency ~ 90% AC220V & plusmn; 22v 50Hz± 0. Three, the applicable scope 1 5 hz. Museums, archives, library, bank and the high quality requirements in public places, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. 2 the operating room, delivery room, international, the ICU. Food, chemical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, dressing room, drugs manufacture, where cultivation, breeding, germ-free animals, electronic parts assembly, etc. 3. Neonatal chamber, and the blood ward, burn ward, sterile room, baby room, preterm delivery, and the postoperative recovery room, suitable for hospitals, such as Ⅱ Ⅲ medical environment.
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