Elimination of edible fungi disease dynamic disinfection machine has a trick

by:Funglan     2020-10-17
Elimination of edible fungi disease and dynamic disinfection machine trick every winter and spring season is the golden age of cultivated edible fungi, in the meantime, due to reasons such as materials, and environmental disinfection, common disease, affect production of edible fungi and benefits. Formaldehyde is as natural ingredients in many organisms. Vegetables, fruit, fish, beer contains formaldehyde, volume is small, only mushrooms in the formaldehyde content is higher. So, as the main ingredients of daily consumption, we need to worry about the harm to the body? Focusing on the substrates and turns the soil treatment. All kinds of edible fungi disease pathogen mostly exists in substrates and covering material, therefore, in addition to the fermented material culture, especially in the area and old mushroom awning, clinker cultivation should as far as possible. In the practice of the mushroom cultivation, macular disease common in recent years, with the trend of the development of the serious, but the cultivation of basic clinker caused no harm. Formaldehyde is a colorless, odorless gas, it at the time of low concentration, the body cannot perceive, but high concentration, it can produce stimulation to the person's eye and nose. It is soluble in water and ethanol, its aqueous solution, commonly known as formalin, have antiseptic sterilization effects. Vigorously promotes the place and environment and sanitation. Many pathogenic bacteria naturally occurring on the soil surface, air, and a variety of organisms, especially the old mushroom house walls and bed frames, would have survived the previous production season of pathogenic bacteria. Environmental disinfection and places the simplest and most economical way is in the sun insolates, mushroom shed roofs can be lifted, bask in the ground first, then the commune, sun again. In the process of agricultural production, sometimes will formaldehyde as germicide and disinfectant. , sulphur, formaldehyde, peracetic acid bleaching powder is also very good environments such as disinfectant, and pollution-free. We have learned, Beijing agricultural quality standards and testing technology research center laboratory teachers, from Beijing, hebei market and edible fungus production base took more than 100 samples, formaldehyde detection and analysis of experiments, a fresh lily flowers, tea tree mushroom, and fresh mushroom, fresh mushroom, etc. , and dry to be obtained from the market tea tree mushroom, dried black fungus and dried mushrooms. The experimental results show that for table needle mushroom, oyster mushroom, and tea tree mushroom, formaldehyde content is undetectable. And one of the dry black fungus and tea tree mushroom, can detect small amounts of formaldehyde, only mushrooms the formaldehyde is quite high. But fresh mushroom and dried mushroom just by washing, soaking and cooking, the formaldehyde and they will be wiped out clean. Formaldehyde is an intermediate metabolites in the process of mushroom growth. Literature research shows that appeared in the growth process of mushroom flavor substances is formaldehyde metabolic intermediate. Formaldehyde can also be combined with protein and sugar, and mushrooms, generate some scented substances, these substances are people like substance. Especially in the drying of mushroom, dried mushrooms, dried production process, the material will increase. That is to say, in the process of mushroom into dry mushrooms, not only increase the flavor, formaldehyde content is increasing. Formaldehyde is a gas, however, it is easy to spread into the air. If home or store many edible fungus products formaldehyde content in the warehouse? Needless to say, we all know must be of formaldehyde, then we will think of the problem such as indoor and ventilated, so can ease, but the formaldehyde harm has not been lifted, so there is a kind of dynamic air disinfection machine on the market at present semiconductor technology purification plant disinfection purification equipment. Whether formaldehyde or other mold, fungus, natural bacteria can be eliminated. Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. Has a unique technology in the field of medical disinfection purifier and strong strength of enterprises, and hand in hand to Ann group is a solid backing, in research and development, production, sales, has its own technology, assembly workshop and elite sales team, in the field of medical, commercial, household have the corresponding product ( Medical air sterilizer, commercial air disinfection machine, household air sterilizer series, central air conditioning air disinfector) 。 Not only that, but is also designed a new product and get the corresponding technical test report, will soon be properly introduced imported new products, to create an international brand.
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