Explore the plasma air sterilization machine used in the operating room

by:Funglan     2020-10-22
Discuss how plasma air sterilization machine used in the operating room with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers also increasing emphasis on health and demand, environment science and technology as a deeply rooted in China, with good citizen image of high-tech enterprises, has been committed to using its leading technical strength for the consumers to create a healthy and comfortable living environment, service the Chinese people and the people. Plasma disinfection of air cost is too high, give a surgical instrument sterilization, still can be enough to meet the requirements of the operating room air purification disinfection, how to keep the air sterilizer disinfection purification effect, maintain regular air clean, you will know the effect is good. Dynamic plasma air disinfection cabinet, namely to disinfect the air sterilization machine. In addition to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, such as the so-called sterilization, also can remove the formaldehyde in the indoor air, phenol etc organic pollutant, but also can kill or filtering pollen allergy source, etc. At the same time, the tobacco smoke, and smoke, bad smell of toilet, body odor, remove. Can be in some cases, to dynamic air disinfection, realize human-machine operation, without any harm to the body. In the operating room can not only improve the indoor air quality, and reduce the operating room infection rate, improve the quality of operation, for every successful operation to add a power. Dynamic functions and characteristics of plasma air sterilization machine: 1. Efficient disinfection: bacteria, microbial killing rate is as high as in the air & ge; 99. 9%; 2. Efficient purification: 0 in the air. 5μ M above the tiny particles of dust removal & ge; 90. 00%; 3. Broad-spectrum sterilization: for airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and e. dry bacteria, etc. ; 4. Energy conservation and environmental protection: the aspiration method, which can realize reclamation of waste gas processing content; 5. Intelligent control: application of gases, particles, a variety of sensing technology such as oxygen, to realize automatic start-up and shutdown control; 6. Luxurious: by microcomputer and luxury LCD panel design, automatic, timing, manual three disinfection modes to choose; 7. After maintenance, maintenance convenient: using semiconductor, simply rinse immediately with water pollution of parts; 8. Man-machine coexist: safe and reliable, can people in a state of continuous disinfection sterilization; 9. Super far infrared remote control receiving, can remote operation; 10. Adopt imported from circulation fan, energy-saving, durable, low noise; 11. Have the machine timing service life, maintenance, fault alarm functions such as tip; 12. Memory function: when encounter power restart, no need to reset, can restore power before operating mode; 13. Optional configuration: using remote central control system. One machine operating dozens of devices, to give you a new experience of operating experience; Dynamic plasma air sterilization machine product application: 1. Commercial, office, banking, securities, commercial buildings, etc. ; 2. Factory, electronics factory, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, food factory, etc. 3. Public places: bus station, subway station, airport, hotel, supermarket, library, etc. 4. : hospital inpatient, clinics, operating rooms, wards, blood stations, clinics, laboratories, etc. ; Environmental science and technology of plasma air sterilization machine on the first, representative of air disinfection equipment. Air disinfection to amount to mark, and to avoid secondary pollution of the environment, have to guarantee the indoor space to achieve a zero harm, plasma sterilizer is a good choice.
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