Family villa central air disinfector

by:Funglan     2020-11-06
Household central air conditioner disinfection purification villa villa thought are synonymous with ShangShi success, also is one of the landmarks for the society, especially in recent years, as the real estate economic recovery, the villa is across great river north and south, really became a symbol of power and wealth, but did you know that we live in villa there are mostly can't see the danger. A, question 1) Indoor pollution some building materials, furniture and other objects in life together, can release pollutants, causes existing in the indoor environment harmful gases, which reduces the air quality. 2) Dry and wet such as indoor damp, the ground water seepage, get damp, etc. , will also affect air quality, wardrobe, occasionally also can appear bad gas, or gas is too dry, easy to produce skin disease. 3) Basic in indoor air circulation, 80% of the time people spend, because indoor and ventilated effect is poor, air circulation, often result in toxic gases have been circulating in the interior, once appear, infectious disease can be spread quickly. Second, the solutions to solve above problems, we can use air disinfection machine and central air conditioning air disinfection purifier to improve indoor air quality. 1, air sterilizer can be used in not to separate little room equipped with central air-conditioning, such as study, bedroom, said above can effectively remove and solve problems. Sterilization purification, but also you a clean space. 2, central air conditioning air disinfector in room equipped with central air conditioning can be used in our this product, such as the place such as sitting room, gymnasium, can be installed in the inlet of air conditioning equipment, air supply outlet, fresh air, can capture particles in the air, reduce the dust on the air conditioning components, improve operational efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption. Don't think indoor air is not important, you know there are 110000 people died of indoor air pollution, people on indoor environmental pollution consciousness gradually improve, but not so optimistic, the overall indoor pollution still is one of the main killer of harmful to our health, so it is very urgent to strengthen governance. Guarantee the indoor air quality, reduce the bacteria pollution, protect the family health, choose air disinfection machine. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfector, etc
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