Features of wall-mounted ultraviolet air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-27
When the air sterilizer is working, because the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is sealed in the cabinet disinfection room, there is no ultraviolet leakage outside the cabinet, and the selected high-intensity ultraviolet lamp is ozone-free, and the ozone concentration in the air is ≤0.1mg/m3 (far Far lower than the national standard 0.15mg/m3). Therefore, dynamic disinfection can be carried out in the presence of people to achieve 'human-machine coexistence'.   Activated carbon filter is made of high polymer materials, and high-quality activated carbon powder is adhered to the fiber filter cotton base material to effectively remove harmful and toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air. The photocatalyst filter is made of nano-T i02 and advanced production technology. Under the irradiation of high-intensity ultraviolet rays in the machine, it can produce strong catalytic activity and oxidize and decompose many toxic and harmful pollutants into CO2, H2O and other non-toxic and non-toxic. Harmful substances to achieve the purpose of deodorization and antibacterial. The negative ion generator of the air sterilizer produces a small amount of ozone while generating negative ions. The combination of the two makes it easier to adsorb various viruses and bacteria. The use of the structure changes or the transfer of energy, leading to its death. In addition, it can freshen the air, remove smoke and dust. , The negatively charged negative ions and the positively charged smoke dust floating in the air are neutralized by the electrode to make it naturally deposited.   The working air duct of the ultra-static centrifugal fan basically conforms to the turbulent working mode of the clean room, and has a good cleaning effect within a certain range. The super-strong ultraviolet lamp is installed on the air inlet surface of the medium and high efficiency filter, and its functions are twofold: one is to instantly kill bacteria in the flowing air, and the other is to remove the bacteria adsorbed on the medium and high efficiency filter to inhibit the bacteria from filtering. Reproduction in the system.
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