Flu season we should pay attention to

by:Funglan     2020-10-10
Flu season, influenza prevention propaganda that spread throughout the country, but still can't stop the violations and the spread of flu. It is understood that the current flu shrouded in changchun, jilin, up to now nearly half a month. Each big hospital reaches its peak, the number of flu patients for kindergarten and primary school of small patients, and the old man. This year's flu is the largest in recent years. It is understood that due to colds and changchun jida children's hospital to a bit of small patients, has packed the infusion hall. In these patients, kindergarten to primary school age children, symptoms is usually high fever is not retreated, accompanied by headache, muscle pain, etc. 1 ~ 3 years old children in addition to high heat, will merge pneumonia, cough. The flu is the old man who may be another key, adults with flu patients, many are the elderly over the age of 70. Based immune function is low, the old man suffering from the flu again, serious when even will have life risk. Changchun city children's hospital medical clinic director said that since last weekend, flu patients reached a peak. “ Hospital daily MenZhenLiang now there are 1500 people, including 1000 person-time, flu a times more than usual. ” According to the reports to understand, is not only in changchun, Beijing also influenza outbreak on a large scale during the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, around the population flow, also increased the spread of the virus between different cities. It is reported that flu generally 5 to 7 days can be good, but because of cross-infection between patients, so the whole to continue for a period of time. Generally a wave of flu should after a month of time will gradually in the past. That is to say, this wave of flu is expected to last for half a month. In addition to the hospital inspection, experts say also can distinguish from the following three aspects to the common cold and flu: first, the cause that causes colds. Influenza is caused by influenza virus acute respiratory infections, its infectivity is strong, fast transmission, spread through droplet and contact with the flu crowd. And the common cold is caused by a variety of pathogens, such as nasal virus, adenovirus, bacteria and mycoplasma, such as the common cold, often on the pathogenesis of human body resistance drop, such as excessive fatigue, catch cold catch cold, etc. Second, different symptoms. Is the biggest difference between flu and the common cold, flu and other Urgent & throughout; , and all of a sudden chills, hurry up high fever, headache, muscle weakness, respiratory symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose, symptoms is good is not easy. And the common cold on the systemic symptom is lighter, do not heat or low heat, will have the symptoms of runny nose and sneezing. Third, different infectious. Flu viruses can pass people cough, sneeze with flu also to others, highly infectious. And most of the common cold is individual, seldom appear in bulk. How to prevent flu? 1. Good personal hygiene develop good health habits; 2. Maintain indoor air circulation, daily regular ventilation; 3. Note cold warm, appropriate exercise increases immunity. 4. With mobile air purification disinfection sterilization, disinfection machine to prevent infection with each other; 5. Try to avoid the crowd concentrated in public places, reduce the chance of infection. 6. Found that respiratory disease symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, should be timely to normal hospital. With flu season every year, but it is not the same as each year the number of flu, more or less. But if everyone can prevent in advance, it may not be a massive infection, so small make up think we're going to do before the flu season Johnson &johnson health, prevention of influenza. Such as the right amount of running, do some simple body movements, home portable air sterilizer installation, on a regular basis to indoor disinfection sterilization, kindergartens, schools, etc. Also need to be installed. Due to schools, childcare institutions or other collective units, easy cause flu outbreaks remind the collective unit completes the flu surveillance, should take measures to deal with cases and strengthen ventilated, suggested to reduce all kinds of large rallies and meetings and other activities between teachers and students, strict control of visiting foreign personnel, special symptomatic crowd into; Actively spread influenza prevention and control knowledge; Strengthen information communication, once appear, cases to immediately report to the institution of disease prevention and control, well implement the influenza prevention and control measures.
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