Fog and haze appears as the twins, how to distinguish?

by:Funglan     2020-10-29
For a long time, we all know & other; Haze & throughout; The term whether in life or in the network are described in fog and haze haze. So is it really the same thing? Don't worry, small make up take you to see the fog and haze can confuse STH with STH else? It is reported that today, guizhou, henan, hangzhou, xiamen, wuhan, chengdu and other places component reported severe air pollution, the air AQII up to breakout above 500 micrograms per cubic meter. In hangzhou as an example, on January 4, hangzhou is not only by the thick fog, and serious air pollution. But in the city have no haze of warning, but the sound of the early warning signal of fog. How not fog warning signals, the expert points out: fog and haze can't equal sign, severe air pollution is not equal to high levels of gray haze. Fog and haze under certain conditions can be mutual transformation, a day is entirely possible fog and haze weather phenomenon. Although outside a grey one, but it is a heavy fog is not gray haze floating. Why do you say that? Because we have learned the afternoon had a timely rain, but the fog is so big, but we all know that the ash haze can follow the cold air coming and dissipates. Because of outdoor low visibility of hangzhou observatory announced the fog yellow early warning signal, but in the face of severe air pollution, the ash haze maybe is among them. Just brothers 21 bright one dark fog and haze, mist we see is the elder brother, brother haze is caused in the dark! Because normally it is difficult to distinguish, so collectively known & other; Haze & throughout; 。 Said so, head of the relevant environmental monitoring fog is water vapor condensation, haze is the particles in suspension, the water vapor in the air is often fog is close to saturation, relative humidity is less than 80% when possible haze, and fog, the visibility is often less than 1 km, the visibility of haze than fog. So sometimes outdoor air quality also can appear foggy, we can through the mobile phone software APP relevant tests, the air can go out, if the difference is coming out. So here we're going to talk about how to maintain good indoor air, we can be done through the use of mobile air disinfector. We can be at home if the haze covered outdoor whole Hugh, so indoor more or less will be haze brother put particulates infiltration, so in order to completely eliminate the ash haze can use air purification disinfection sterilization machine, can through the air sterilization machine is to distinguish fog or haze! You may have found the fog and haze brothers two very similar but not the same? Like the twins, the level of similar appearance, character, mixed. To sum up, however, anyhow. Fog and haze as brothers, but not the same as. Method to distinguish the various available equipment, mobile phone software, methods of air disinfection purification machine, but distinguish later we have to prevent and eliminate harmful particulate matter! Is air sterilizer had borne the brunt of the preferred brand, it is worth your trust!
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