Fog everywhere, indoor PM2. 5 more serious

by:Funglan     2020-11-01
, according to the small make up to understand related: over the next five days in China, the parts would be likely to face a massive continuous pollution process, such as Beijing, tianjin, north of central and southern hebei, henan and shandong in the west. Early in the morning, the Beijing air pollution emergency headquarters issued the second time this year red alert heavy air pollution. In the face of haze weather, we wrote many articles, also published many articles, but we have ignored the indoor air pollution. We only know blindly to outdoor air pollution, the PM2 outdoors. 5 index? Actually, should let's focus on value most is the indoor air, so in the present situation, mobile air disinfector. Why do you say that? Let's see the indoor PM2. 5 how serious pollution? The building of China architectural scientific research related to Beijing early in the entertainment, office, shopping malls, hotels and other related indoor PM2. 5 concentration index, according to a report, outside of Beijing during the period of sampling average PM2. 5 ( Fine particulate matter) Concentration for 91. 5 micrograms per cubic meter, the residents average PM2 of indoor air. Concentration of 5 to 82. Category 6 micrograms per cubic meter, in light pollution. Indoor PM2 of 20 hours. Exposure levels 5 about 82% of the daily total amount of exposure, and outdoor 4 hours PM2. 5 exposure levels about 18% of the daily total exposure levels. Found that indoor PM2 closed case. 5 intake of outdoor 4 times, according to the relevant person in charge of the Chinese academy of environmental sciences, said: as outdoor haze, interior doors and Windows closed, air circulation, human activities not easily, cause indoor PM2. 5 concentration is higher than outdoor, which in turn affect the body health. It seems both indoor and outdoor pollution, compared with the indoor due to the relatively closed does more serious than outdoor air pollution, so the air disinfection machine when really needed for the current environment and for the default choice. We all know that fog is ubiquitous, it is because the fog is everywhere, so we have to be paid more attention to its existence and harm. For the sake of our health, for the sake of your family's health with calls to open the door of the air sterilization machine, eliminate the fog haze, destroy bacteria and viruses, transmission health fresh air! Environmental science and technology co. , LTD is a professional research and development, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturers, according to technology development in today's society, increasingly serious air pollution, reduce consumption and maintenance costs, pioneered in developing a new generation of the ternary integrated air sterilizer. And obtain relevant national patent certificate qualification, credit guarantee and service quality. Choose good air. Hope the air disinfection machine to bring you and your family a healthy, at the same time also can bring a fresh and comfortable healthy breathing environment. Hope you healthy body, all the best and every success!
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