For an explanation of wall-mounted air disinfection machine disinfection technical specifications

by:Funglan     2020-10-20
For an explanation of wall-mounted air sterilizer disinfection technical specifications wall-mounted air disinfection machine is the new generations of semiconductor disinfection of environmental science and technology products, either in technical performance, product structure, installation technology and application technology are greatly improved, make the products more perfect. v - B series semiconductor wall-mounted air disinfection machine applying the technology of semiconductor and light reaction fast generate hundreds of millions of volts and high intensity of ultraviolet ray, dynamic sterilization; Have clean air, disinfection sterilization, deodorant, mouldproof, etc, accord with the ministry of health of the technical standard for disinfection of air disinfection standard. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine technical features: 1. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine elaborate design, strict controls of indicators, conform to the ministry of health of the technical standard for disinfection of air disinfection requirements; 2. Semiconductor ionization device adopts the company independent research and development of a new generation of the ternary integrated technology, its operation reliability and stability are far beyond conventional semiconductor performance, reliable operation for more than 8000 hours, to ensure the performance of the whole machine; 3. Adopt advanced imported sensor technology and intelligent control system, automatic switch machine; 4. Almost all broad spectrum: for a variety of viruses, bacteria and can effectively kill microorganisms, and no secondary pollution; After disinfection, without any poisonous and harmful material residues; 5. Disinfection sterilization rate high, equipment produced by electron hole, the formation of negative oxygen ions and free radicals, no dead Angle, disinfection rate of killing bacteria is common ultraviolet lamp 1. 5 to 5 times; 6. In use process, you just need to periodically remove semiconductor flushing, low cost and economic benefit; 7. Wall-mounted air sterilizer besides the function of automatic delay switch machine, equipped with all kinds of remote control to control disinfection mode; 8. Wall-mounted air sterilizer use safety, convenient operation, program automatic timing, infrared remote control, timing, place page, shutdown time delay, and other functions; 9. Adopt imported from circulation fan, energy-saving, durable, low noise; 10. Optional configuration: using remote central control system, one operating dozens of devices, give you a whole new experience. Wall-mounted air disinfection machine application areas: 1. Department of pharmaceutical preparation in hospital operating room, supply room, therapeutic, ward, examination room, injection room, bathroom, medical equipment and supplies, etc. ; 2. Blood stations: blood collection room, sterile room, blood bank, etc. ; 3. Pharmaceutical factory, Biological products factory) : the aseptic workshop, warehouse, the buffer room, dressing rooms, laboratories, workshops, etc. ; 4. Food factory, workshop, warehouse, packaging materials, buffer rooms, dressing rooms, laboratories, overalls, production equipment, etc. ; 5. Cultivation: indoor chicken farming, animal feed factory, aseptic inoculation and cultivation, etc. ; 6. Agency, school, kindergarten, office, classroom, conference room, hall, restaurant, dormitory, playroom, tableware, bathroom, etc. ; 7. Public places: movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, recreation, hair salons, beauty salon, karaoke bars, etc. ; 8. Warehouse keeping fresh, grain, eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, meat products, etc. ; 9. Function: between Banks, government agencies, all enterprises and institutions, factories, etc. ; 10. Archives, libraries, archives mouldproof, insect repellent, moth-proofing, etc. ; 11. Special sterile environment: the net studio, animal farm, asepsis inoculation, etc; In addition, compared to other products, 1. Material: air disinfection machine part adopts the metal shell exquisite and durable; 2. Use technology: using the domestic advanced semiconductor technology, has the unique patented technology certificates; 3. Built-in structure design is different: wall-mounted air disinfection machine adopts design for easy cleaning maintenance, more convenient customer maintenance and prolong service life.
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