For indoor pollution confusion, please see new indoor air to improve the party

by:Funglan     2020-10-20
For indoor pollution confusion, please see new indoor air to improve the development of science and technology, industry rapid rise, have said is a hidden crisis, modern office will hurt people's bacteria warehouse at any time, country of origin. I'm afraid this is not alarmist, modern business building are all made of the central air conditioning mode to achieve the purpose of cooling and ventilation. Currently on the market there are three kinds of central air conditioning main systems, respectively is refrigerant system, water system, air duct system. Due to the construction of closure, the air inside the building through the central air-conditioning ventilation system become a closed-loop circulation system; Repeatedly used in indoor air, the pollutant concentration increases, and partly due to the pollution source of central air conditioning system has become a shelter evil people and practices, central air conditioning air quality in buildings is becoming more and more bad. Often heard that case: in a building in a strange thing happened. Several female staff had a disease, tears, throat itching, you grow a meteor of rash, at first, people didn't care, thought that this is caused by abnormal climate recently body uncomfortable. When the disease spread significantly, building management environmental experts, please find, the results surprised to experts. Found in the building of central air conditioning pipe in prompting human bacteria, in the central air conditioning pipe also found the bodies of mice, cockroaches, The so-called jack Bauer) Bodies, and other small animals. Through these can make us realize central air pollution harm to human body. In the disease has a disease called building syndrome quietly spreading in the modern business building. “ Building syndrome & throughout; This ferocious, pervasive, and quickly into your office, make the building in a germ factory become a danger to public health. It initially cause people alert was in 1976, when a legion meeting in Philadelphia held a grand hotel, during a mysterious lung disease. According to the invasion of germs from the hotel air conditioning system and the events of 182 people got sick, including 29 deaths. Confusingly, because this is a kind of indoor air quality caused by the disease, treatment costs high and often the effect is not significant, therefore in 1992, the American association for the study of a report; Building syndrome is a real phenomenon, it makes us losses as high as $60 billion a year. So how to improve the indoor air? Look for the answer: (from our daily life 1) Maintain indoor ventilation is good, do not block air vents and exhaust pipe, don't smoking indoors. ( 2) In a timely manner to replace gas, with water damage or have moldy carpet, false ceilings, etc. ( 3) In case of leakage of a building, should inform the building management office in real time, so as to avoid breeding microorganisms. In addition to the above need to be aware of daily life, we hear a lot about the central air conditioning air purifying device, such as: the central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning ultraviolet plug-in air disinfector, optical hydrogen ion purification equipment, pipeline air purifier, air purification equipment, air inlet type type air sterilizer, etc. , as our hands in front of the jiang: at present the main there are three kinds of central air conditioning system on market, respectively is refrigerant system, water system, air duct system. However modern air purification disinfection technology can according to different system construction, demand, specification matching corresponding central air conditioning air disinfection purifier device. Install efficient indoor air purification antibacterial sterilization machine and air purifier, can also play a role in protecting the indoor air quality, reduce all kinds of air conditioning and the spread of disease.
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