Fruits are waxed, do you still dare to eat them?

by:Funglan     2022-05-10

In the hot summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Eating a bite of cold fruit will make you feel refreshed. Fruits such as apples and oranges often encounter a layer of wax attached to the epidermis. What is the situation? Is it possible? eat?

Fruit waxing is mainly to preserve freshness. Wax forms a protective film on the surface of the fruit, which not only protects the outer skin of the fruit and improves the gloss, but also prevents the evaporation of water and preserves the fresh aroma of the fruit. In addition, it is not easy for germs to invade after waxing, and it can prevent corrosion and insects. Waxing fruit is an internationally permitted preservation method with mature techniques and regulations. Unscrupulous merchants want the fruit to look better, but are unwilling to buy edible wax, they will use industrial wax to wax the fruit. The mercury and lead contained in it may penetrate into the pulp through the peel, causing harm to the human body.

So how to solve this problem?

City Electronics Co., Ltd. provides you with a high-quality life plan. Using the brand fruit and vegetable sterilizer can effectively remove pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, and it is the first choice for real cleaning and detoxification.

<1>The effect of detoxification and sterilization can be achieved without any disinfectant detergent, which is economical.

<2>The special tableware sterilization function can be placed in the washing basket for soaking. After being activated, it can sterilize daily tableware simply and quickly, ensuring that you and your family are kept away from the threat of disease entering your mouth, and are truly clean and healthy.

<3>Using a unique patented structure design, there is no limit to the washing basket. In this way, the cleaned and detoxified vegetables can be directly poured into the wok using the washing basket, which is more convenient and trouble-free and avoids secondary pollution.

<4>The special air purification function, take out the gas blasting stone and activate the air ozone function, then the machine will quickly generate a large amount of ozone, remove the peculiar smell in the room, and make the fresh air The house is as pleasant as the trees after the rain.

<5>The operation is simple and convenient, with timer control, you can set the washing time at will.

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